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Services for your Tissue-based Research

The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Tissue Resources Core (TRC) and the Human Tissue Procurement Facility (HTPF) offer a wide variety of tissue-based services to investigators conducting medical research. We are promoting the use of these services to assist you in your research projects. The facility serves all CWRU/UH investigators and the entire Case CCC research community, including Case CCC investigators at CWRU, UHCMC, Cleveland Clinic, VA hospital, and MetroHealth Medical Center. Access is open to all authorized investigators and CCC members receive highest priority for its services.

The facility provides a wide range of centralized services and technologies required to perform research with human and animal tissues in cancer research, and is the primary source of human biospecimens at CWRU/UHCMC. Tissue microarray (TMA) production, long-term sample storage, histology, immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), in situ hybridization (ISH), microscopy and digital imaging services, and Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) are provided for both human and animal research tissues.

Biospecimens are carefully handled to minimize degradation and security measures are in place to protect the privacy of donors. Both prospective samples and retrospective samples are available, including access to clinical paraffin blocks. The facility's biorepository contains a large and growing number of samples available for research projects, and also stores investigators' samples for both large and small programs. Samples are stored in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen in closely monitored freezers equipped with automated filling and alarms.

TMA sections on a number of tissue types are available for research. Custom TMAs can be constructed with over 200 cores in a single block. The histology service embeds tissues with custom orientations as needed in paraffin, OCT or methacrylate, sections the blocks, and produces unstained and stained slides. Serial sectioning is available. H&E stains are most commonly requested but many other stains are available. Over 100 IHC assays, as well as several IF and ISH assays are available, and the service offers development and optimization assistance if you require other assays. Photomicroscopy is available to document staining results.

The TRC is proud to announce the acquisition of a new state of the art Leica LMD 7000 LCM system with extremely versatile fluorescence capabilities and user friendly software applications. The LCM is now available for use and training is also available. LCM allows investigators to achieve near-100% purity in the dissection and procurement of their choice of targeted tissue from a heterogeneous background.

The LCM service will also offer some associated pertinent services:

  • RNA/DNA extraction
  • RNA/DNA quantitation
  • PCR prep work (Special protocols for vanishingly small starting amounts)

Contact for Information

Further general information on any of these services: Bob Wyza

Access to cancer specimens and clinical paraffin blocks: Kristin Waite, PhD

Histology services: Nancy Edgehouse

IHC, IF, ISH and TMA services: Adam Kresak

Inquiries about LCM services: Patrick Leahy, PhD

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