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The goal of the Hybridoma Core is to provide a cost-effective resource for generating and producing monoclonal antibodies to novel antigens that will enable investigators to discriminate among the proteins relevant to their research. Highly specific monoclonal antibodies are an essential resource in identifying the levels of expression and specific modifications of proteins involved in all the functions that control cell growth, cell differentiation, and cell death, and therefore constitute a critical tool in all aspects of cancer research that involve specific proteins.

This Core provides both routine services (such as the expansion of hybridomas to produce concentrated, serum-free monoclonals) and also customizable services (such as the generation of hybridomas). For the larger projects, the core works with the investigator to customize, for example, the selection of mouse strains to be immunized in order to improve the likelihood of developing antibody titers; or, in the interest of economy, the core also trains researchers if they wish to take over the project and perform the subcloning themselves.

The services provided by the Hybridoma Core include:

  • The generation of mouse monoclonal antibodies, as a complete project or broken down into 3 separate steps: injection of the antigen, fusion and selection, and cloning and screening
  • Production of high-concentration antibodies from hybridoma cell lines cultured in serum-free Integra flask cultures
  • Generation of polyclonal antibodies in rabbits
  • Purification of polyclonal antibodies on antigen affinity columns (new service)
  • Production of monoclonals from existing cell lines, as well as cryopreservation, and storage of lines
  • Training of researchers who wish to perform parts of the project such as the selection, subcloning, and screening of potential hybridomas


Prefusion The investigator will provide the antigen and the HCF will prepare it for injection. Immunization and serum collection from mice for screening by investigator. Includes animals, labor and supplies. This phase goes at least 8 weeks or until desired titer is reached. $626
Fusion Fusion of spleen cells from chosen mouse to myeloma cell line. Plating of fused cells and collection of media samples for screening by the investigator. Includes labor and supplies. This phase goes 4-6 weeks. $1877
Cloning Limiting dilution cloning of five chosen hybridoma cell lines. Collection of media samples for screening by the investigator. Minimal scale up and preparation of frozen stocks (5 vials) of clones are completed by HCF. Includes labor and supplies. This phase goes 4-8 weeks. $376/clone
MAb production of mAb from cell lines by cell culture methods Cell culture expansion of cloned hybridoma cell lines and collection of conditioned media. Mycoplasma testing is recommended for cell lines not made by the facility. $89/100mls
Freezing Cells Cells from culture expansion associated with mAb production can be frozen down for storage in Liq N2. The freezing media is 90% FBS:10% DMSO and the cells are at a concentration of 2-4 x 106 cells/ml. **If a vial is brought only for expansion and freezing, there is an additional $25.00 tissue culture charge. $11/vial
Integra Culture System for production of mAb from cell lines This system is intended for production of 20-30mg of mAb per month in the smaller system and 75-100mg of mAb/month in the larger system. Average concentration is 1.5mg/ml. The production schedule minimum is 8 weeks. CL 350: $314/month
CL 1000: $657/month
Each 2 month minimum
Polyclonal Antibody Production This service will be offered on a limited basis depending on available housing. One rabbit per antigen. Includes animal purchase and board, 6 injections, 1 test bleed, 3 production collections, final bleed and labor for 120 days. Time course can be extended for additional fee based on animal board and labor charges. The goal is to provide a total of 100mls of serum, but this is not guaranteed. Allow 1-2 weeks for animals to arrive. $1216/2 rabbits
$608/1 rabbit
Antigen Conjugation Peptide conjugation to KLH by a glutaraldehyde protocol. $197
Liquid N2 storage Storage for cloned cell lines. Price is for each cell line. The stored cell lines must be mycoplasma free. $18/month
Antibody Purification Protein G/A purification of Hybridoma Supernatant. Small-Scale (1/2ml column), Large-scale (8ml column) Small-scale $346
Large-scale $626
ELISA screening Antigen capture or Sandwich ELISA $250 first plate
$25 each additional plate
Epitope Analysis Run multiple software analysis to choose the best peptide epitope. This is in collaboration with the Bioinformatics Core. $75/hr


Remember to acknowledge the valuable services provided by Cancer Center Core Facilities in your research papers and publications: 
"This research was supported by the Hybridoma Core Facility of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (P30CA043703)."

Contact for Information

Location: Lerner Research Institute, NB1-25

Director: Ofer Reizes, PhD

Manager: Earl Poptic


Ofer Reizes, PhD
Professor, Cancer Biology

Hybridoma Core Facility Home Page

More information available on the Hybridoma home page.