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Flow Cytometry

Millipore Guava:  $40/hr

Beckman Coulter XL: $60/hr

BD Biosciences LSR 1: $75/hr

BD Biosciences LSR 2: $90/hr

Imaging Cytometry

Compucyte iCyte: $24/hr (max $96.00/24 hr calendar day)

Cell Sorting

BD Biosciences Aria: $102/hr

ICyte Reflection$102/hr

Confocal Microscopy

Zeiss LSM 510: $39/hr

Image Microscopy

Leica DMI6000: $9/hr (max $45/24 hr calendar day)

Nikon: $9/hr

D-Metrix DX-40: $6/sample


James W. Jacobberger, PhD
Professor, General Medical Sciences (Oncology)

Online Scheduling Available for Experienced Users

Experienced users may schedule time on the appropriate instrument using the Ca-MiMi online scheduler.