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CBTP students take the PATH 511 and PATH 512 Experimental Pathology Seminar courses. These courses include two components, the Pathology Graduate Student Seminar Series, where students report on research progress, and research seminars. For the research seminar component, CBTP students are expected to attend the Pathology Department Seminars (Mondays and Tuesdays at noon). In addition, CBTP students should attend a Cancer-related seminar series to be specified. Students must attend the seminar components of PATH 511 and PATH 512 even in semesters when they are not registered for a seminar course. Students should also attend other relevant seminars. Students will be required to participate in a weekly Cancer Biology Journal Club, where each student gives a presentation once a year. Finally, students present their dissertation research in a Pathology Department Thesis Seminar.

For seminar schedules, please see the Events page.

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Program Director

Mark W. Jackson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pathology