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Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Research Awards

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Research Awards

These one-year awards, made possible through the Fowler family's generous support of AYA cancer research at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, are granted to members of the AYA Cancer Research Initiative, led by John Letterio and Stan Gerson. The objective of these awards is to broaden and deepen research focus on AYA cancers and to engage members across the Center in this important area. 

2016 AYA Cancer Research Awards

PIs: Susann Brady-Kalnay,  Mark Griswold, Stathis Karathanasis

"Targeting and Treatment of Adolescent and Young Adult Glioblastoma Using PTPμ-based Targeting Agents and Chain-like Nanoparticles"

PIs: Alex Huang and Agne Petrosiute
Co-Investigators: Eli Bar, Duncan Stearns, Stefanie Avril 

"Disruption of Cdk5 Diminishes Tumor PD-L1 Expression and Enhances CD4+ T Cell-mediated Rejection of Medulloblastoma and Other AYA Brain Tumors"

PI: John Letterio and Barbara Bedogni
Co-Investigators: Rafick Sekaly, Henry Koon, Julian Kim

"The MT1-MMP − TGF-β axis in Melanoma: Potentiating Metastasis and Suppressing Tumor Immunity"

PI: David Wald and Lan Zhou
Co-Investigators: Marcos de Lima, Folashade Otegbeye

"Targeting AYA Leukemia with NK Cell Therapy"

2015 AYA Cancer Research Awards

PI: Peter de Blank
Co-Investigators: Mark Griswold, Andrew Sloan
"Use of a Novel Radiographic Biomarker to Characterize Low Grade Glioma and Treatment Effect in Adolescent and Young Adults"

PI: Marcos de Lima
Co-Investigators: David Wald, Alex Huang

"Targeting Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Using NK Cell Therapy"

PI: Alex Huang
Co-Investigators: Nicole Steinmetz, Ed Greenfield, San Xiao

"Disrupting Macrophage Interaction with Tumor-associated VCAM-1 Signaling in Pulmonary Metastasis of Osteosarcoma"

PI: John Letterio
Co-Investigators: Seong-Jin Kim, Patrick Leahy, Tej Kumar Pareek, Seughwan Lim, Marcus Rosenberg, Barbara Bedogni

"A Novel Role for Cdk5 in Melanoma Biology and Metastasis"

PI: Paolo Caimi, Yousif Matloub, Robin Norris
Co-Investigators: Sanjay Ahuja, Amelia Baffa, Rachel Egler, Meg Gerstenblith, Henry Koon, David Mansur, John Pink

"Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Database and Biorepository"