Case CCC Funding Opportunities

Proposals are requested from the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Scientific Programs addressing unique research opportunities, innovative ideas or areas identified as strategically important to the program. Proposals must be for projects that are aligned with the goals described in the Cancer Center Strategic Plan. They may build on the institutional investments in genomics and informatics, drug screening and discovery, promote the development and use of new technologies, foster new collaborations or strengthen existing research teams through the development of new research areas aligned with the scientific program strategic plan. Attention to catchment area related research is preferred. Proposals should be multi-investigator in nature, with inclusion of translational or clinical research projects.

Each program is asked to submit one response to this RFA. Program leaders must be engaged in identifying potential areas or recommending topics and proposals for the program. Proposals must be reviewed by a committee within the program that is convened specifically for this purpose before being submitted to the Cancer Center Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will make the final determination for funding after evaluating proposals and reviews. It is expected that the research projects will lead to nationally competitive grant proposals from multi-investigator teams.

Award Description

  • Funding for research teams with a focus on important programmatic research priorities. Four awards are anticipated.
  • Each research project will be funded at a level up to $100,000 each for one year. The financial level of the award will be determined through the review process.

Funding Criteria

  • Strong collaborative investigative teams
  • High likelihood of subsequent national-level funding
  • Use of a tissue bank or tissue should have IRB approval (submitted) for the collection, propagation, and detailed characterization of patient tumors.
  • Only one application will be accepted per PI, but investigators may be collaborators on multiple applications
  • The project should not overlap with other cancer center pilot funding initiatives.

Application Deadlines
Submission to Program Leaders: November 7
Submission of priority proposals to Executive Committee: December 15

Additional Information

For detailed instructions, please contact:
Anne Duli
Associate Director for Administration

Support of Multi-investigator Initiatives in the Case CCC

The Case CCC will provide two modes of support to new research teams that plan to submit large multi-investigator grant applications (usually non-R support mechanisms).

  • Administrative support and funding for travel are available to encourage team member meetings and meetings with external advisors.
  • Pilot project funding for research teams with an established track record of collaborative research is available to support key research initiatives that are necessary to generate competitive multi-investigator proposals.

Requests are competitive. The research team must demonstrate the active engagement of members, clearly articulate the significance and innovation of the project, and provide a roadmap for acquisition of external funding.

Advocacy and support of the specific program leaders interacting with the team is required. Discussion with Ruth Keri, PhD, Associate Director for Basic Research, is strongly encouraged before developing an application.

Application Deadline

Additional Information

Requests for additional information and completed applications may be submitted to:
Ruth Keri, PhD
Associate Director for Basic Research