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Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Community Advisory Board

Community Advisory Board

The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center represents the cancer research interests of our community. On the academic side we represent Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth Medical Center and University Hospitals. On the community side, we have a strong interest in supporting better health care and improved lifestyles to reduce cancer risk, incidence, and death.

Our collective efforts to reduce the high rates of cancer and cancer deaths among our underserved and minority communities have yet to be successful. To that end, we launched a partnership with community stakeholders to engage in a dialogue that allows us to better understand these complex issues and to formulate better coordinated efforts with our available resources to address cancer in our community.

The Case CCC Community Advisory Board, established June 26, 2012, was created to help the Center establish the principles and initiatives that will improve cancer care for our community. Through extraordinary effort on everyone's part our goal is to prioritize and coordinate initiatives to have a lasting impact on the community.

For more information about the Community Advisory Board and how you can get involved, please call 216.368.5643. 


Jame Abraham [Cleveland Clinic]

Sam Abraksia [South Pointe Cancer Center]

Terry Allan [Cuyahoga County Board of Health]

Elizabeth Antognoli [Case Western Reserve University]

Kristina Austin [The Gathering Place]

Jacquelyne Bailey [Cleveland Clinic Cancer Community Outreach]

Kim Bell [Taussig Cancer Institute, Cleveland Clinic]

Geri Blair [Minority Women with Breast Cancer Uniting, Inc.]

Karen Butler [Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, Inc (NEON)]

Katrice Cain [Center for Reducing Health Disparities, CWRU]

Chesley Cheatham [UH Seidman Cancer Center]

Carrie Clark [MedWorks]

Neal Dawson [Center for Health Care Research & Policy, CWRU/MetroHealth]

Susan Flocke [Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods, CWRU]

Faye Gary [CWRU School of Nursing]

Stan Gerson [Case Comprehensive Cancer Center]

Lena Grafton [Programs Manager, S. G. Komen for the Cure NEO]

Debra Green [Medical Mutual]

Jacci Griffin [Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority]

Teona Griggs [CWRU School of Nursing]

Petros Grivas [Cleveland Clinic]

Heidi Gullett [Case Western Reserve University]

Lisa Hamilton [Survivor]

Sonja Harris-Haywood [Cleveland State University]

Gillian Irwin [Case Comprehensive Cancer Center]

Leesa Jackson [Survivor]

Katarazyna Karelus [Case Comprehensive Cancer Center]

Megan Kilbane [Case Comprehensive Cancer Center]

Smitha Krishnamurthi [University Hospitals]

Benjamin Li [Case Comprehensive Cancer Center]

Li Li [Case Western Reserve University]

Vanessa Marshall [CWRU School of Nursing]

Neal Meropol [University Hospitals]

Charles Modlin [Clickman Urological and Kidney Institute]

Phyllis Nsiah-Kumi [VA Hospital]

Timothy O’Brien [MetroHealth Cancer Care Center]

Cynthia Owusu [University Hospitals]

Luz Oyola [MetroHealth Medical Center]

Petrina Patterson [University Hospitals]

Paola Raska [Case Western Reserve University]

Zack Reed [Cleveland City Councilman - Ward 2]

Rosiland Robinson [Survivor]

Christy Samaras [Cleveland Clinic]

Sophie Sureau [Case Western Reserve University]

Michael To [Asian Services in Action, Inc.]

Valerie Vinson [University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center]

Kristin Waite [Case Comprehensive Cancer Center]

Monica Webb Hooper [Case Comprehensive Cancer Center]

Sarah Wells [American Cancer Society]

Susan Wentz [Case Western Reserve University]

Bonnie West [Case Comprehensive Cancer Center]

Fran Willis [Cleveland Job Corps]

Sarusha Young [Survivor]