Cancer Center Announcement

Ruth Keri, PhD Appointed Associate Director for Basic Research, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dr. KeriMarch 28, 2011

After a national search, Ruth Keri, PhD has been appointed to the position of Associate Director for Basic Research at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dr. Keri is an associate professor in the departments of pharmacology, genetics and oncology at Case Western Reserve University. She received her PhD in the department of pharmacology at CWRU in 1992, working at the time on identifying the regulatory mechanisms underlying pituitary gonadotropin hormone gene expression using novel transgenic mouse models. Her interest in the effects of reproductive hormones led to her long-standing interest in breast cancer, and a more recent interest in human breast cancer. She has done a remarkable job linking basic and animal model research to human disease, and in developing the key translational teams that are required for such complex research activities. She serves on a number of NIH and DOD scientific review panels, has been identified as a key investigator in breast cancer, and is recognized as a top educator in the department of pharmacology.

Recently, Dr. Keri's research activities have been to interrogate the role of HER2/c-neu/erbB2 in tumor progression and the impact of a variety of inhibitors on the signaling pathways activated by this receptor, to understand the role of FOXA1 in normal mammary ductal morphogenesis and breast tumor phenotypes, to understand the function of a Kruppel-like factor in epithelial to mesenchymal transition and metastasis, and to evaluate the role of LMO4 in breast-cancer proliferation.

In her position as associate director, Dr. Keri will work with the Cancer Center leadership to develop the priorities and scientific direction of the Center, and will work with the leaders of all programs involved in basic laboratory investigation with an orientation towards promoting translational and disease-based research amongst investigator teams. Dr. Keri will be central to the development of a strategic plan for the Cancer Center, moving us into current preparations for our renewal application due in May of 2012.