Cancer Center Announcement

Philip H. Howe, PhD Appointed Case CCC Associate Director for Basic Research at the LRI

Dr. HoweDecember 13, 2010

The Case CCC announces the appointment of Philip H. Howe, PhD, Staff in the Cancer Biology Department of the Lerner Research Institute, to the position of Case CCC Associate Director for Basic Research at the LRI. Janet Houghton, PhD, Chair of the Department of Cancer Biology, remains an active member of our scientific programs and provides her leadership and Cancer Center advocacy as department chair.

Phil is an active investigator in cancer signaling including TGF‐beta, Wnt, FoxO3 and related pathways. He is organizing a TGF‐beta multi investigator effort.

For those of you who do not know Phil, he received his PhD in Biochemistry at the Medical College of Georgia and subsequently held a postdoctoral appointment in Cell Biology at Vanderbilt University. He joined the LRI in 1990 and is now a member of the Departments of Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, and Molecular Medicine.

In his role as an Associate Director, he will work with the senior leadership of the Case CCC to build high quality cancer research team science, promoting innovative approaches in discovery and translational cancer applications. He and I will work to increase the visibility of the Cancer Center, promoting the collaborative Cancer Center research opportunities available, and coordinating efforts to increase interinstitutional collaborative scientific efforts with scientists at LRI. While reaching out to all cancer researchers at the LRI to encourage interactive science and greater efforts to pursue NCI grants, he will also provide scientific oversight for the basic science programs, including Cancer Genetics, Cell Death Regulation, Cancer Cell Signaling, Cancer Imaging, and the developing program in breast cancer. Phil will work with Neal Meropol, Associate Director for Clinical Research, to promote translational cancer disease research in colon cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and brain tumors, among others, and with James Jacobberger, the Associate Director for Shared Resources, to evaluate and develop shared resources capacity across the institutions.

Please contact Phil for strategic advice if you plan to form a multi‐investigator working group. The Cancer Center will support these activities, with assistance for meetings, collaborations and grant applications. Likewise, with these initiatives, Phil will recommend areas for investment to the Cancer Center Senior Leaders and will assist in developing RFAs for focused research ideas.

Please join me in congratulating Phil and, when he calls on you, offer your enthusiastic support and creative ideas for cutting edge cancer research. He and I are available to meet with members any time.

Thank you for your commitment to cancer research at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center.