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Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Newsletter

December 17, 2012


CWRU School of Medicine Researchers Discover New Molecule Linked to Late-stage Breast Cancer
EurekAlert - Dec 17, 2012
"Overall, these findings reinforce our belief that the discovery of miR-181 will become a strong predictive biomarker for breast cancer metastasis, and that the high expression of miR-181 in tumor tissues will pave the way for the development of targeted therapies, better prognosis and increased patient survival," said lead researcher William Schiemann, PhD...

New Study Finds 'Hidden' Cancer Cells, Personalized Care Still a Challenge
Fox News Dec 14, 2012
Scientists not involved in the study praised it for correcting what Dr. Charis Eng, an oncologist and geneticist who leads the Genomic Medicine ...

Pre-Transplant Umbilical Cord Blood Expansion in Lab Speeds Establishment of New Blood Supply in Patients, Reducing High-Risk Time to Recovery
Science Daily - Dec 12, 2012
"In addition to the faster engraftment of neutrophils and platelets, the quality of engraftment was better than anything we've seen," said first author Marcos de Lima, M.D., ...

Child Cured of Leukemia With Breakthrough Treatment
Everyday Health - Dec 10, 2012
John Letterio, MD, pediatric oncologist of University Hospitals' Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital in Cleveland says he isn't sure if the ...

Axitinib Fails to Meet Primary Endpoint in Treatment-Naive RCC
Cancer Network - Dec 4, 2012
At the 2012 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) held in June, Brian I. Rini, MD, of Cleveland Clinic Taussig ...


Dr. Noa Noy Receives NCI R01

Dr. NoyDr. Noa Noy recently received an R01 from the NCI for her project, Retinoic Acid and CRABP-II in Regulation of Post Transcriptional Gene Silencing. The proposed studies are designed to explore the possibility that anticarcinogenic activities of CRABP-II and RA are mediated in part through their involvement in regulating mRNA stability. The studies aim to investigate the molecular basis for the cooperation of CRABP-II with HuR in stabilizing mRNA, and to explore the involvement of this cooperation in mammary carcinoma biology. At the level of basic science, the results of these studies will provide important insights into a previously unsuspected non-genomic function of RA as well as into a novel mechanism for regulating transcript stability in cells. The findings of this work may also point at a novel target for therapeutic approaches in cancer treatment.

Obtaining Human Tissues for Cancer Research

The Case CCC wishes to make its members aware that a Data Use Agreement has been approved by the University Hospitals Legal Affairs Office. This Data Use Agreement will greatly facilitate obtaining tissue for cancer research in situations where protected health information is not necessary for the research.

A wide variety of tissues is available from the Tissue Resources Core, and samples from the hospital's clinical archives of paraffin-embedded tissues may also be obtained. You are encouraged to visit the Tissue Resources website for information about available biospecimens. Application forms are accessible from the Case CCC Tissue Resources page, and from the Clinical Research Office page.

Use the Tissue Research Application for studies that involve research activities limited to archived or discarded tissue. Contact David Goldblatt at 216.844.5060, david.goldblatt@case.edu and/or Kristin Waite at 216.844.5537, kristin.waite@case.edu for guidance on the application process.


American Association for Cancer Research

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) is currently accepting applications for the following funding opportunities for individual researchers:

  • The Caring for Carcinoid Foundation-AACR Grant for Carcinoid Tumor and Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor Research represents a joint effort to promote and support innovative cancer research. This grant is available to independent junior and senior investigators to develop and study new ideas and approaches that have direct application and relevance to carcinoid tumors or pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. Proposed research may be in any discipline of basic, translational, clinical, or epidemiological cancer research.
    Deadline: January 15, 2013
  • The Landon Foundation-AACR INNOVATOR Award for International Collaboration in Cancer Research was established to help overcome barriers to international research collaboration by providing funding to an existing collaboration for costs traditional grant mechanisms may not support and to raise the profile of the importance of collaboration to conquering the cancer problem. This support supplements existing funding for the collaboration and provides the means to facilitate travel and the sharing of knowledge that otherwise may have been difficult to achieve in the absence of this funding.
    Deadline: January 23, 2013
  • The Landon Foundation-AACR INNOVATOR Award for Research in Personalized Cancer Medicine represents a joint effort between the Landon Foundation and the AACR to accelerate progress in personalized medicine by providing support for physician-scientists who conduct meritorious studies with direct human therapeutic relevance.
    Deadline: January 15, 2013
Sarcoma Foundation of America

The Sarcoma Foundation of America has developed a program to provide grants to investigators interested in translational science Sarcoma research. Funding is available to cover equipment and supplies in support of research on the etiology, molecular biology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of human Sarcomas.

In accordance with the mission of the Foundation, research involving the development of novel agents against Sarcoma, or research that could potentially lead to the development of novel agents against Sarcoma, is eligible for this funding. The SFA strongly prefers – and will give special consideration to – applications that focus on the following areas of research:

  • Omic characterization of sarcomas and definition of novel targets
  • Omic patterns of sensitivity and resistance to existing agents
  • Systemic therapy combinations
  • Immunotherapy

Deadline: January 31, 2013

Avon Foundation 2013 Breast Cancer Research Program

The 2013 Avon Foundation Research Program seeks proposals to advance understanding of causes of breast cancer and prevention. The Foundation seeks to develop new strategies to prevent breast cancer by understanding the causes of breast cancer in people, changes in breast cells that give rise to cancer, markers for disease, and how breast cancer progresses.

LOI Deadline: February 4, 2013
Invited Full Proposal Deadline: April 1, 2013

Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation Research Grants

The Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF) is soliciting grant applications for the calendar year 2013 in the following categories: Pediatric Brain Tumor Grant Awards and Pilocytic Astrocytoma Award.

Grants are evaluated in the context of their potential to:

  • Improve our understanding of the biology of pediatric brain tumors;
  • Improve the treatment of childhood brain tumors;
  • Reduce or ameliorate tumor or treatment related sequelae.

Deadline: March 12, 2013



December 17

Cancer Center Research Chalk Talk
Duncan Stearns
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Topic: TBD
12 pm WRB 3-136

Skeletal Research Center Seminar
Diego Correa, MD, PhD
Senior Research Associate, Skeletal Research Center, Biology
Topic: Bone Marrow MSC: Gatekeepers Controlling Skeletal Metastasis from Melanoma through a CD146 Cell-Cell Interaction Mechanism
4 pm Millis 123

Cell Death Regulation Program Meeting
Topic: Site Visit Update; Plans for the Upcoming Year
5 pm Wearn 137

December 18

Hematology and Oncology Special Research Conference
Phillip Lammers, MD
Fellow, Div. of Hem/Onc
Vanderbilt University
Topic: Going Beyond the Great American Smokeout: Using Chemoprevention Strategies for Lung Cancer
8 am Wearn 137

Cancer Biology Fellow Seminar
Tapati Mazumdar, PhD
Research Associate, Houghton Lab, Cancer Biology
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Functions of Hedgehog Signaling in Human Cancers
11 am NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

Medicine Grand Rounds
Charles Wellman, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Hospice of the Western Reserve
Topic: How Palliative Care Can Help Patients and Decrease 30-Day Hospital Readmissions
12 pm Kulas Auditorium, Lakeside 5th Fl.

December 19

Hematology and Oncology Division Research Conference canceled

December 20

Cancer Trainee Seminar
Damian Junk, PhD
Fellow, Pathology
Topic: Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition and the Acquisition of Breast Cancer Stem-Cell Characteristics
Oana Paun, MD
Fellow, Div. of Hem/Onc
Topic: Gynecologic Cancer
12 pm WRB 3-136

Cancer Center Special Seminar
Yuchen Jiao, MD, PhD
Fellow, Ludwig Center for Cancer Genetics and HHMI
Johns Hopkins University
Topic: Cancer Genomics and Molecular Diagnostics
1 pm WRB 2-136

December 21

Cancer Center Research in Progress canceled

Cancer Center Seminar Series canceled

Taussig Cancer Institute Grand Rounds canceled

Hematology/Oncology Fellows Conference/Curriculum Series
Topic: TBD
8 am Wearn 137



Case CCC Calendar

LRI Calendar


16th Annual Meeting of the Translational Research Cancer Centers Consortium (TRC3): The Power of Negative Thinking: Inhibiting the Inhibitors of Tumor Immunity
February 20-22, 2012
Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Seven Springs, PA



Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 2013
January 3-7, 2013
Fairmont Orchid, Hawaii


December 11, 2012

Featured Article: Ten Years of Tamoxifen Leads to Fewer Breast Cancer Recurrences, Improves Survival

Chemotherapy after Surgery Improves Survival When Some Breast Cancers Return

New Targeted Treatment May Slow Disease in Patients with Advanced GIST

Study Explores Why Double Mastectomy Rate Is on the Rise

Higher Dose of Breast Cancer Drug Associated with Longer Survival

Noninvasive Test for Kidney Cancer May Lessen Need for Surgery

In Depth

Experimental Drug Shows Promise against Drug-Resistant Leukemias

Comparative Oncology: Man's Best Friend in More Ways than One

Featured Clinical Trial: Treating Patients with High-Risk Smoldering Myeloma

Profiles in Cancer Research: Dr. Titia de Lange


FDA Update



Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Epidemiology Awards
Deadline: December 17

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Young Investigator Awards
Deadline: December 17

AACR Basic Cancer Research Fellowships
Deadline: December 20

Association for Research of Childhood Cancer
Deadline: January 1, 2013

Beez Foundation for Pediatric Brain Cancer
Deadline: January 2, 2013

Limited Submission: Mary Kay Foundation
Internal Deadline: January 4, 2013
External Deadline: February 4, 2013

AACR-Millennium Fellowship in Lymphoma Research
Deadline: January 7, 2013

AACR-Millennium Fellowship in Prostate Cancer Research
Deadline: January 7, 2013

Society of Surgical Oncology Clinical Investigator Awards
Deadline: January 7, 2013

2013 CTSC Annual Pilot Grant Funding
LOI Deadline: January 15, 2013

Limited Submission: Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation Individual Research Proposals
Internal Deadline: January 25, 2013
External Deadline: March 18, 2013

National Research Council Associateship Programs
Deadline: February 1

Oncology Nursing Society Foundation Master's Degree Scholarships
Deadline: February 1, 2013

Oncology Nursing Society Foundation Doctoral Degree Scholarships
Deadline: February 1, 2013

Prostate Cancer Foundation 2013 Young Investigator Awards
Deadline: February 1, 2013

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Translational Research Program
LOI Deadline: March 1, 2013
Full Application Deadline: March 15, 2013

Translational Technology Concept Studies of Circulating Tumor and Endothelial Cells (CTC/CEC)
Deadline: Open

AACR Scholar-in-Training Awards - Other Conferences and Meetings
Deadline: Open

Case CCC Protocol Specific Research Support (PSRS)
Deadline: Open

International Union Against Cancer (UICC) International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowships
Application Deadline: Open

International Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF) Research Grant Program
Application Deadline: Open

James S. McDonnell Foundation Collaborative Activity Awards
Deadline: Open

NCI Short-Term Scientist Exchange Program
Application Deadline: Open

SAIC-Frederick Support of the Cancer Genome Atlas Program
Application Deadline: Open

Solving Kids' Cancer Therapeutic Development Initiative
Application Deadline: Open

NIH BULLETIN – Notices and Funding Opportunities

AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource (ACSR) (UM1)(RFA-CA-13-005)

Collaborative Activities to Promote Metabolomics Research (Admin Supp)(PA-13-041)

AHRQ Mentored Clinical Scientist Research Career Development Award (K08)(PA-13-039)

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