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September 27, 2010


University Hospitals Case Medical Center Implements AutoLITT System for Treatment of Brain Tumors
Science News - Sep 22, 2010
...Andrew E. Sloan, MD, Director of Brain Tumor & Neuro-Oncology Center in the UH Neurological Institute and the UH Ireland Cancer Center, said, "AutoLITT provides us with the ability to treat tumors that are located in difficult to reach areas...

University Hospitals and Cleveland Clinic Get Grants for Pediatric Cancer Research
Plain Dealer - Sep 21, 2010
What they're [Hyundai] doing to raise awareness is pretty extraordinary," said Dr. John Letterio, chief of pediatric hematology and oncology at UH Rainbow...Dr. Greg Plautz, chair of pediatric hematology and oncology at the Cleveland Clinic, said that more than 13000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year...

XMRV Researchers Discuss the State of the Science
NCI Cancer Bulletin - Sep 21, 2010
"We don't know that XMRV causes any human disease," said Dr. Robert Silverman of the Cleveland Clinic, who was part of the research team that discovered the virus in prostate tumors. His colleague, Dr. Eric Klein, also a discoverer of XMRV, discussed the possibility that viruses may play a role in prostate cancer as they do in some other ...


Case CCC ACS IRG Awardees

The Case CCC recently selected the winners of the ACS IRG pilot awards:

  • Barbara Bedogni, PhD: Mechanisms of Notch1 Mediated Melanomagenesis
  • Kenneth Clark Cummings III, MD: A Comparison of Epidural Analgesia and Traditional Pain Management Effects on Cancer Recurrence after Colectomy: A Population Based Study
  • Dolores Hambardzumyan, PhD: The Role of SHH/GLi Signaling in Genetically Engineered Mouse Model of PDGF-Driven Brain Tumor
  • Polly Mazanec, PhD: CLOSER (Communicating with Long Distance Caregivers, Offering a Supportive Electronic Resource); A Computer-Based Intervention for Distance Caregivers of Parents with Advanced Cancer
  • Ofer Reizes, PhD: Leptin Receptors in Breast Cancer Stem Cells and Self-Renewal
  • Andrew Stephenson, MD: Using Decision Analysis to Facilitate Decision-Making Regarding Prostate Cancer Screening
  • Matthew K. Summers, PhD: Determining the Effect of p31Comet Regulation on the Spindle Assembly Checkpoint
  • Sichun Yang, PhD: Multidomain Assembly of Nuclear Estrogen Receptors: Structural Insights into ER-positive Breast Cancer Therapeutics
  • Youwei Zhang, PhD: Chromatin Association of the Cell Cycle Checkpoint Kinase Chk1
  • Lan Zhou, MD, PhD : Role of Notch Signaling in Myeloproliferative Diseases and Myeloid Leukemia
Message from Dr. Patrick Leahy: Oncomine Database Available for Use

I'm delighted to announce that today marks the beginning of our sitewide license permitting all individuals with a Case or Cleveland Clinic email address to access, browse and use the Oncomine database. Please make free use of this opportunity. Use your Case or Cleveland Clinic email address to register at http://www.Oncomine.com.

Look for adverts for workshops in the coming months where interested parties will gather to share computer hands-on practical help in navigating this database of immense value. Contact Patrick Leahy with any questions.

NIH Releases Biennial Report of the Director

Dr. Francis S. Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, announced the release of the Biennial Report of the Director, NIH, for fiscal years 2008 and 2009. The report provides an integrated portrait of NIH research activities, making it easy for Congress, advocates and patient groups and the general public to understand the many activities of the agency. This is the second report under the mandate in the NIH Reform Act, which reinvented the NIH Biennial as a consolidated report, replacing many disparate ones. Now on NIH's website, the report will be available in print this fall.


Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Deadline Extension

Susan G. Komen for the Cure has extended the deadline for the Postdoctoral Fellowship grants. Pre-applications for the Postdoctoral Fellowship grants are now due Thursday, September 30, and full applications are due January 5. Details are available on the Susan G. Komen for the Cure website.


2010 Regional RNA Meeting of the Midwest

The Center for RNA Molecular Biology in Cleveland is hosting the 2010 Regional RNA Meeting of the Midwest, aka the Rustbelt Meeting, in Cleveland on October 22-23. The meeting provides an excellent opportunity to meet the RNA scientists from Ohio and neighboring states, start new collaborations and also for our student and postdoctoral scientist colleagues to hone their presentation skills. The registration deadline for Cleveland area scientists is extended to October 1. Please contact the organizers of the meeting, Saba Valadkhan and David Rueda if you have any questions.

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care: Building the Foundation for Future Research Goals

Registration is now open for Multilevel Interventions in Health Care: Building the Foundation for Future Research Goals, March 4-5, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The conference will serve as a forum for discussing multilevel theory, models, and methods from several disciplines; exploring interactions across levels, including mediator and moderator effects; and exploring the efficacy of multilevel interventions in cancer care, as well as other health conditions. The conference will also identify priorities for future research and explore research designs and measurement approaches that address the challenges of developing multilevel interventions that affect individuals' health, health behavior, and organizational-level or system-level health outcomes. The adoption of health care reform and the need for relevant evidence to address the complexities of cancer control within the new health care context reinforce the timeliness of this topic.

In advance of the conference, a call for poster abstracts addressing salient issues relevant to building the foundation of successful multilevel interventions is requested for poster presentations. Submission deadline is Wednesday, November 17.

4th Annual Biospecimen Research Network (BRN) Symposium: Advancing Cancer Research Through Biospecimen Science

Submit an abstract and register early for the NCI Biospecimen Research Network Symposium, Advancing Cancer Research Through Biospecimen Science, March 28-29, 2011, at the Bethesda North Marriot Hotel & Conference Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

This two-day event will feature presentations and interactive discussions about the issue of biospecimen quality and ways to address it. The symposium addresses the significant impact of pre-analytical biospecimen variables on cancer research and molecular medicine. The meeting brings together leaders in the fields of biospecimen research, genomics, proteomics, oncology, pathology, biobanking, hospital administration and pharmaceutics as well as patient advocates.

Participants are encouraged to submit a scientific research abstract relevant to biospecimen science. Abstracts of particular interest to the biospecimen research community will be selected for oral presentation in the plenary session. Abstracts must be submitted by January 31, 2011. Presenters will be notified on or before February 28, 2011 if they have been selected for oral presentation or poster presentation.


Featured Article: Drug Protects Heart in Children Receiving Common Chemotherapy

Mutations Linked to Two Uncommon Forms of Ovarian Cancer

Declines in U.S. Smoking Prevalence Stalled

Men with Low PSA Levels May Not Benefit from Further Prostate Cancer Screening

Hospitalization Near Death May Diminish Mental Health of Caregivers and Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

In Depth
When Ovarian Cancer Returns Years Later

XMRV Researchers Discuss the State of the Science

Featured Clinical Trial: Combining Vaccine and Antiandrogen Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Quitting Smoking? Find Support on Facebook

Cancer.gov Update

FDA Update




**All events are open to anyone interested in attending

September 27

Pathology Research Seminar
Andrea LeBlanc, PhD
Professor, Neurology and Neurosurgery
McGill University
Topic: The Role of Caspase-6 in Alzheimer Disease
12 pm WRB 1413

SDIG Meeting
Xiaoqing Yu, PhD
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Topic: A SNP Discovery Method to Assess Variant Allele Probability from Next-Generation Sequencing Data
2:30 pm WRB 1403

Physiology and Biophysics Seminar
David Rosenbaum, MD
Chief, Cardiology and Director, Heart and Vascular Center
CWRU/ MetroHealth
Topic: Cell-to-Cell Communication Organizes Electrical Activity in the Heart
4 pm SOM E501

September 28

Molecular Genetics Seminar
Anthony Sadler, PhD
Research Fellow, Williams lab, Centre for Cancer Research
Monash Institute of Medical Research
Topic: The Protein Kinase R alters actin dynamics by regulating the activity of Gelsolin
9:30 am NE1-205 Cleveland Clinic

Taussig Cancer Institute Core Curriculum Series
Abdo Haddad, MD
Assistant Professor, Solid Tumor Oncology
CWRU/ Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Lung Cancer- Part II
12 pm R3-002 Cleveland Clinic

Department of Medicine Grand Rounds
Sanford Markowitz, MD, PhD
Professor, Medicine-Hematology/Oncology
Topic: Colon Cancer Genetics
12 pm Kulas Auditorium (Lakeside 5th fl)

Immunology Seminar
Cynthia Sears, MD
Professor, Medicine- Infectious Diseases and Gastroenterology
Johns Hopkins University
Topic: Enterotoxigenic Bacteriods Fragilis: A Commensal with a Dark Side?
12 pm WRB 1413

September 29

ICC Grand Rounds
Panos Savvides, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Medicine- Hem/Onc
Topic: Head and Neck Cancer: An Overview
8 am Lerner Tower B-151

September 30

Neurosciences Seminar
Ahmet Hoke, MD, PhD
Professor, Neurology and Neuroscience
Johns Hopkins University
Topic: Regeneration in the PNS: Challenges and Opportunities
12:10 pm BRB 105

October 1

Cancer Center Research in Progress Seminar canceled

Hematology and Oncology Fellows
Topic: TBD
8 am Wearn 137

Taussig Cancer Institute Grand Rounds
Kenneth Bauer, MD
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Topic: Thrombophilia
8 am R3/002-003 Cleveland Clinic


Case CCC Calendar

LRI Calendar


Cancer Center Scientific Series
November 8
4-7 pm WRB 1-413


Science Café Cleveland
October 11
Great Lakes Brewing Company
Drs. Ruth Keri and Agata Exner
Topic: Pills and needles are so 20th century: How advancements in drug target discovery and drug delivery are shifting the strategy in the battle against cancer.

Third Annual Personalized Health Care National Conference
October 14-15
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Oncology Congress
October 15-17
San Francisco, CA

2010 Cleveland Nanomedicine Summit
October 18-19
InterContinental Hotel, Cleveland, OH
Clinical and research abstracts will be accepted through October 1 (please note new deadline)

International Symposium on Breast Cancer Prevention: Nutrition, Communication and Public Policy
October 18-19
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

ASCO-NCI-EORTC Annual Meeting on Molecular Markers in Cancer
October 18-20
Hollywood, FL
Call for Abstracts

Conference on Clinical Cancer Research
Wednesday, October 20
Westin City Center, Washington DC

2010 International Conference of RNA Nanotechnology and Therapeutics
October 23- 25
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cleveland

Graft versus Host Disease Conference
November 4
Corporate College East, Cleveland, OH

Active Living Research Annual Conference
February 22-24, 2011
San Diego, CA
Call for Abstracts Deadline: August 6

Call for Abstracts: 2011 Clinical and Translational Research and Education Meeting: ACRT/SCTS Joint Annual Meeting
April 27-29, 2011
Omni Shoreham, Washington, DC
Abstract Deadline: December 16


DOD Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP) Concept Award
Application Deadline: September 29

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Postdoctoral Fellowships
Pre-Application Deadline: Extended to September 30
Full Application Deadline: January 5, 2011

AACR Princess Takamatsu Memorial Lectureship
Nomination Deadline: September 30

AACR Award for Lifetime Achievement in Cancer Research
Nomination Deadline: September 30

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Post-Baccalaureate Training in Disparities Research Grants
Pre-Application Deadline: September 30
Full Application Deadline: November 2

ACS Pilot and Exploratory Projects in Palliative Care of Cancer Patients and Their Families:
Deadline: October 15

ACS Area of Special Interest: The Role of Healthcare and Insurance in Improving Outcomes in Cancer Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment
Deadline: October 15

AACR Joseph H. Burchenal Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in Clinical Cancer Research
Nomination Deadline: October 15

AACR Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Memorial Award
Nomination Deadline: October 15

DOD Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP) Idea Awards
Application Deadline: October 20

DOD Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program (PRCRP) Translational New Investigator Awards
Application Deadline: October 20

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Post-Baccalaureate Training in Disparities Research Grants
Full Application Deadline: November 2

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Investigator-Initiated Research (IIR)
Full Application Deadline: November 2

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Career Catalyst Research (CCR) Grants
Full Application Deadline: November 2

DOD LCRP Lung Cancer Early Detection Clinical Consortium
Pre-application Deadline: November 19
Application Deadline: December 7

International Clinical Research Fellows (ICRF) Program
Deadline: December 1

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Promise Grants
Full Application Deadline: December 7

DOD LCRP Lung Cancer Early Detection Clinical Consortium
Application Deadline: December 7

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Postdoctoral Fellowships
Full Application Deadline: January 5, 2011

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Post Baccalaureate Training in Disparities Research
Full Application Deadline: January 5, 2011

Translational Technology Concept Studies of Circulating Tumor and Endothelial Cells (CTC/CEC)
Deadline: Open

AACR Scholar-in-Training Awards - Special Conferences
Deadline: Open

International Union Against Cancer (UICC) International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowships
Application Deadline: Open

NCI Short-Term Scientist Exchange Program
Application Deadline: Open

James S. McDonnell Foundation
Application Deadline: Open

NIH BULLETIN – Notices and Funding Opportunities

Request for Comment on FAQs to Explain Costing Issues for Core Facilities (NOT-OD-10-138)

Spanish On-line Tutorial on Human Research Participants Protections Launched by NIH Office of Extramural Research (NOT-OD-10-139)

The NCI Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network (CITN) Seeks Member Clinical Sites (NOT-CA-10-034)

NCI Will Participate in RFA-AT-11-001 Mechanistic Research on CAM Natural Products (R01)(NOT-CA-10-037)

Systems-Oriented Pediatric Obesity Research and Training (SPORT) Center of Excellence (U54) (RFA-HD-10-001)

Cancer Diagnostic and Therapeutic Agents Enabled by Nanotechnology (SBIR [U43/U44]) (PAR-10-286)

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