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May 10, 2010


US Cancer Costs Double in Nearly 20 Years
The Associated Press - May 10, 2010
The picture may have changed since the study's data was collected and the US economy deteriorated, said Dr. Neal Meropol, a Case Western Reserve University ...


Drs. Ernest Borden and Patricia Parsons-Wingerter are collaborating on one of four projects that will be funded by the NASA Glenn Research Center 2010 Technology Transfer Fund. According to a recent NASA press release, the project, Release Strategy for VESGEN Software: User Documentation and Validation, utilizes VESsel GENeration Analysis, an automated, user-interactive, fractal-based computer software program that analyzes the effects of vascular therapeutics on the complex branching architecture of blood and lymphatic vessels. User documentation will be developed so the software can be used by the broader scientific community. Also, an alpha study will be conducted for the analysis of tumor vessels and cancer therapeutics. VESGEN maps vascular branching patterns and quantifies changes within successive branching generations.

Dr. Joseph Baar was named as Crain's Business Cleveland 2010 Health Care Hero in the Advancements in Health Care category. All Health Care Heroes were honored at a May 6 luncheon ceremony.

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY– Uniting Against Lung Cancer

Uniting Against Lung Cancer (formerly Joan's Legacy) invites grant applications for institutional research that studies lung cancer. The Foundation is particularly interested in the genetic basis and biology of lung cancer, including that in never smokers, as well as novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of this disease. This funding is intended primarily as seed money for promising new work. It is not intended to support research where funding has either lapsed or has been previously disapproved.

There are two tracks of Lung Cancer Research Awards: adenocarcinoma, to include bronchioalveolar carcinoma (BAC), and small cell lung cancer.

Deadline: May 14

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY– Short-term Scientist Exchange Program

The Short-Term Scientist Exchange Program promotes collaborative research between established U.S. and foreign scientists from developing countries by supporting, in part, exchange visits of cancer researchers to foreign laboratories. Visits of U.S. scientists to overseas laboratories in developing countries may also be considered for support. The visits may be from one week to six months in duration.

Candidates must have a minimum of three years postdoctoral experience in cancer research and have an invitation from a qualified sponsor. Sponsors or exchangees from the U.S must be NCI-supported PIs, in either the intramural or extramural research programs. Foreign sponsors must be established scientists recognized in the international peer reviewed literature. Foreign candidates must be proficient in spoken and written English. Persons holding U.S. permanent resident status ("green card"), or any work visa, are not eligible for this program.

Applications are continuously accepted.

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY– International Union Against Cancer International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowships

The aim of International Union Against Cancer (UICC) International Cancer Technology Transfer (ICRETT) Fellowships are to facilitate rapid international transfer of cancer research and clinical technology, exchange knowledge and enhance skills in basic, clinical, behavioral and epidemiological areas of cancer research cancer control and prevention and to acquire appropriate clinical management, diagnostic and therapeutic expertise for effective application and use in the home organization upon return.

Applications are continuously accepted.

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY– Doctors Cancer Foundation

The Doctors Cancer Foundation is accepting applications for research funding of $50,000 for the best genetic, epigenetic or immunologic program for the management of cancer. The Foundation has a particular interest in cancer stem cells, though any useful project will get equal consideration.

Deadline: June 30


Featured Article
FDA Approves First Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine

Cancer Research Highlights
Breast Tissues May Express Biomarkers Linked to DCIS Recurrence

Circulating Tumor Cells Detected in Patients with Localized Cancers

Costs and Use of Diagnostic Imaging Rise among Medicare Patients

Guest Director's Update: Dr. Maureen R. Johnson
NCCCP: Building a Community-based Research Platform and Enhancing Cancer Care

Legislative Update
NIH Director Testifies Before House Appropriations Subcommittee

Cancer.gov Update
Online Tool Provides NCI Funding Trends

MARK YOUR CALENDARS- New Biacore Instrument in Cleveland; Free Training Workshop

The Protein Expression Purification Crystallization Core (PEPCC) in the Department of Physiology & Biophysics at CWRU-SOM has purchased a Biacore T-100 on behalf of researchers in the Cleveland area and is hosting a two-day workshop for beginners as well as advanced users on May 20 (3pm to 6pm) and May 21 (9am to noon) in the Robbins Building E501. The speaker for the workshop will be GE Healthcare specialists Eric Roush and Michael Murphy, as well as Dr. Satay Yadav, Director of the Biacore facility at Cleveland Clinic. Complimentary course material will be provided.

The Biacore T-100 is a Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) based instrument that provides label-free protein-protein interaction analysis with a sensitivity of 100 Da. This cutting-edge instrument is a first to CWRU-SOM and only the second instrument of its kind in the academic Cleveland area.

To register for the free workshop, please contact Harry Gill (harry.gill@case.edu, 368-8962).


The Cancer Center is attempting to track members who are part of the formal program or presenting a poster at the ASCO Annual Meeting, June 4-8 in Chicago. Please send information to gillian.irwin@case.edu.


Come walk/run with us at the Race for the Place, an event to support the Gathering Place on Sunday, June 6 at Beachwood Place Mall. Registration opens at 7:30 am; race begins with the Survivor Ceremony at 9 am. Email gillian.irwin@case.edu for more information.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS– Cancer–Related Research

The Case CCC Retreat will feature a poster presentation session the evening of July 9. All graduate students, postdocs and fellows conducting cancer research are invited to submit abstracts. The Retreat Program Committee will review abstracts based on the relationship to cancer, novelty, significance of findings, and clarity. Monetary prizes will be awarded. More information is available on the Call for Abstracts page.

Deadline to submit abstracts to cancer@case.edu is Friday, May 21 at 5 pm.


**All events are open to anyone interested in attending

May 10

Sequencing Data Interest Group (SDIG)
Yaomin Xu, PhD
Assistant Staff, Quantitative Health Sciences
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Differential Analysis to Identify Genome-wide DNA Methylation Markers Using ChIP-seq Data
2:30 pm WRB 1413

Physiology & Biophysics Seminar
Eliezer Masliah, PhD
Professor, Neurosciences and Pathology
University of California at San Diego
Topic: Prio-like Protein Propagation in Synucleonopathies: Prospects for Therapeutical Interventions
4 pm SOM E501

May 11

Special Seminar
Ayyappan Rajasekaran, PhD
Director, Nemours Center for Childhood Cancer Research
AI duPont Hospital/ University of Delaware
Topic: Etiological Role of PSMA in Prostate Cancer Progression
11 am NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

Pathology Dissertation Defense
Colleen Lewis
Cobb Lab, Pathology
Topic: The Role of Nitric Oxide in Immune Responses to T cell-stimulating Polysaccharide Antigens; Implications for Chronic Granulomatous Disease
12 pm WRB 1413

CSCRM Lunch and Learn
Lee Noll
Chief Operating Officer
RealBio Technologies
Bill Pfund
Director, Product Development
RealBio Technologies
11:30 am-1:30 pm NA5-25 Cleveland Clinic; 2-4 pm WRB 2-136

May 12

Grand Rounds
Himabindu Gaddipati, MD
Fellow, Div. of Hem/Onc
Topic: Application of Genomic Technology to Clinical Oncology
8 am Lerner B-151

Immunology Seminar
Neetu Gupta, PhD
Assistant Professor, Immunology
CWRU/ Cleveland Clinic
Topic: EZRIN and All that JNK in B Cell Activation
12 pm NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

Pathology Graduate Student Seminar
Chen Yao
Chen Lab, Pathology
Topic Caenorhabditis Elegans as a Model System for Parkinson's Disease
12 pm WRB 1413

Frontiers in Biological Sciences
Richard Morimoto, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology
Director, Rice Institute for Biomedical Research
Northwestern University
Topic: The Stress of Misfolded Proteins in Biology and Disease
4 pm SOM E301

CSCRM Seminar
Feng Lin, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pathology
Topic: Complement From the Innate Immunity, a New Player in MSC Differentiation and Immunomodulation
4:30 pm WRB 1413

May 13

Tumor Signaling Metastasis Focus Group Meeting
2 pm WRB 3-136

Aging-Cancer-Energetics Seminar
Mary Step, PhD
Instructor, Family Medicine
Topic: Age Differences in Well-Being Among Recurrent and First Diagnosis Advanced Care Patients
4 pm BRB 732

May 14

Hem/Onc Fellows Seminar
Jennifer Eads, MD
Fellow, Div. of Hem/Onc
Topic: TBA
8 am Wearn 137

Taussig Cancer Institute Grand Rounds
Mark Socinski, MD
Associate Professor, Clinical Research Hematology/Oncology
UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
Topic: Treatment Paradigms in Advanced NSCLC: How Things Have Changed
8 am R3/002-003 Cleveland Clinic

Cancer Center Seminar Series/ Blood Club
Marvin Nieman, PhD
Assistant Professor, Div. of Hem/Onc
Topic: Protease Activated Receptors on Platelets
12 pm BRB 105

Cancer Center Research in Progress Seminar
Rom Leidner, MD
Visiting Instructor, Medicine– Hem/Onc
Topic: microRNA in the Malignant Progression of Barrett's Esophagus
4 pm WRB 3136


For a complete listing of LRI seminars click here.


ASCO Review 2010
June 30
InterContinental Hotel

Case CCC Scientific Retreat
July 9-10
The Lodge at Sawmill Creek Resort


Business Education Course: "The Business of Regenerative Medicine: From Stem Cells to the Market Place"
July 12-15
Dively Building

Advanced Training Institute on Health Behavior Theory
July 25-August 1
Madison, WI

International Symposium on Breast Cancer Prevention: Nutrition, Communication and Public Policy
October 18-19
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

FACULTY CANDIDATE SEARCH– Associate Director for Basic Research

The Case CCC is currently accepting applications for the position of Associate Director for Basic Research. As we continue our search, we ask that people in the Cancer Center community encourage any qualified candidate to apply for the position. If you would like to nominate someone for the position, please contact Tracy Rehl (tracy.rehl@case.edu).

Job Description


We are always trying to foster communication and collaboration across the cancer center community any way that we can. The Case CCC has set up a page on Facebook and LinkedIn, so please become a fan of us on Facebook or join our group on LinkedIn, and encourage others to do so as well. Please help us spread the word.

We encourage you to post events, relevant news articles, items of discussion, etc… Your feedback is appreciated!


DOD BCRP Concept Award
Pre-Application Deadline: May 12
Application Deadline: May 26

DOD PRMRP Clinical Trial Award
Application Deadline: May 13

DOD PRMRP Technology/Therapeutic Development Awards
Application Deadline: May 13

DOD NFRP Clinical Trial Award
Application Deadline: May 20

DOD NFRP Investigator-Initiated Research Award
Application Deadline: May 20

DOD NFRP Investigator-Initiated Focused Research Award
Application Deadline: May 20

DOD NFRP Exploration–Hypothesis Development Award
Application Deadline: May 20

DOD NFRP New Investigator Award
Application Deadline: May 20

DOD NFRP Postdoctoral Traineeship Award
Application Deadline: May 20

DOD BCRP Concept Award
Pre-Application Deadline: May 12
Application Deadline: May 26

DOD PCRP Health Disparity Research Award
Application Deadline: May 26

DOD PCRP Health Disparity Training Award
Application Deadline: May 26

DOD PCRP Laboratory - Clinical Transition Award
Application Deadline: May 26

DOD PCRP Physician Research Training Award
Application Deadline: May 26

DOD PCRP Population-Based Research Award
Application Deadline: May 26

DOD PCRP Prostate Cancer Training Award
Application Deadline: May 26

IOTF Oncology Product Research/Review Fellows
Application Deadline: May 30

Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Award
Pre-Proposal Deadline: June 1

DOD PCRP Idea Development Awards
Application Deadline: June 9

DOD PCRP Synergistic Idea Development Awards
Application Deadline: June 9

DOD OCRP Translational Pilot Award
Application Deadline: June 10

Children's Cancer Research Fund Clinical Pediatric Research Grants
Application Deadline: June 16

DOD BCRP Inter-Institutional Training Award
Application Deadline: June 23

DOD BCRP Multi-Team Award
Application Deadline: June 23

DOD BCRP Transformative Vision Award
Application Deadline: June 23

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Program Project Development Grants
Application Deadline: June 25

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Liz Tilberis Scholars Awards
Application Deadline: June 25

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Ovarian Cancer Research Training Programs of Excellence grant
Application Deadline: June 25

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Pilot Research Award
Application Deadline: July 30

DOD PRMRP Investigator-Initiated Research Award
Application Deadline: August 5

IOTF Cancer Prevention Fellows
Application Deadline: September 1

AACR Scholar-in-Training Awards - Special Conferences
Application Deadline varies

NCI Short-Term Scientist Exchange Program
Application Deadline: Open

James S. McDonnell Foundation
Application Deadline: Open

NIH Bulletin – Notices and Funding Opportunities

Quick-Trials for Imaging and Image-Guided Interventions: Exploratory Grants (R21) (PAR-08-147)

Understanding the Effects of Emerging Cellular, Molecular, and Genomic Technologies on Cancer Health Care Delivery(R01)(PA-09-004)

Quick-Trials for Novel Cancer Therapies and Prevention: Exploratory Grants (R21) (PAR-08-025)

Exploratory Studies in Cancer Detection, Diagnosis, and Prognosis (R21) (PA-08-267)

Understanding the Effects of Emerging Cellular, Molecular, and Genomic Technologies on Cancer Health Care Delivery (R21)(PA-09-005)

Notice of Intent to Publish Request for Applications for the Barretts Esophagus Translational Research Network (BETRNet) Research Centers (NOT-CA-10-021)

Notice of Intent to Publish Request for Applications for the Barretts Esophagus Translational Research Network (BETRNet) Coordinating Center (NOT-CA-10-022)

Limited Competition: Strengthening Behavioral and Social Science in Medical School Education (R25) (RFA-OD-10-014)

Reminder: NIH/AHRQ/NIOSH/FDA Return to a Two-day Error Correction Window for Grant Applications Effective May 8, 2010 (NOT-OD-10-088)

Enhancing Peer Review: Expectation for Service on NIH Peer Review and Advisory Groups (NOT-OD-10-089)

Extension of Modified Application Submission, Referral and Review to Members of NIH Program Advisory Committees (PACs) (NOT-OD-10-090)

NIH Expands Provisions of the Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process (eSNAP) and Requires Electronic Submission of SNAPs Beginning August 1, 2010 (NOT-OD-10-093)

Delays in Grant Application Submission due to Spring Flooding (NOT-OD-10-094) National Institutes of Health

Request for Information: Scientific and Regulatory Issues to be Explored at an Upcoming Pluripotent Stem Cell Workshop involving NIH and FDA (NOT-NS-10-016)

Revised Requirements for the Completion of NIH-RAID Applications Using the Restructured Electronic SF 424 (R&R) Application Package (NOT-RM-10-008)

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