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December 27, 2010


Cleveland Clinic Researchers Helping to Unravel Mysterious Disease
Plain Dealer (blog) - Dec 23, 2010
A team of researchers led by Dr. Charis Eng, chairwoman and founding director of the Clinic's Genomic Medicine Institute, recently connected a second gene ... ... on the insights into diagnosing disease in patients, said Dr. Joseph Willis, director of clinical pathology at University Hospitals Case Medical Center. ...


Prostate Cancer Foundation-Honorable A. David Mazzone Special Challenge Award Research Program 2011

The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is pleased to announce a new Challenge Award funding opportunity entitled the PCF-Honorable A. David Mazzone Special Challenge Award Research Program. These two-year awards will provide a total of $1 million per team. Challenge Awards support large-scale research projects. Proposals must be from teams of at least 3 highly experienced investigators capable of providing unique scientific expertise to the solution of a significant problem in prostate cancer research. A team may be assembled from one institution, or several institutions, from across the globe. This round of awards will focus on funding Treatment Science: studies of new ideas in man or laboratory support of a high impact clinical investigation.

Deadline: February 24, 2011

Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Clinical Investigator Award

CWRU SOM has been invited to nominate up to three individuals for the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Clinical Investigator Award. This award supports young physician-scientists conducting patient-oriented cancer research, with a goal of increasing the number of physicians capable of moving seamlessly between the laboratory and the patient's bedside in search of breakthrough treatments.

New this year is a novel partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which opens access to the NIH Clinical Center (CC) to Damon Runyon Clinical Investigators. The goal of this partnership is to use the special talent, expertise and resources of the participants to undertake pilot studies of specific diseases and to develop collaborative partnerships that accelerate clinical and translational cancer research, and thereby improve human health. See the website for more information.

If you are interested in applying for this award, please submit the following materials to cancer@case.edu by Monday, January 10: biosketch and a one-paragraph description of how your research fits the description of "Clinical Research" as described by the Damon Runyon Foundation.

Internal Deadline: January 10
External Deadline: March 1

Mary Kay Foundation Cancer Research Grant Program

The Mary Kay Foundation has released a Call for Applications for their Cancer Research Grant Program. This non-profit public foundation focuses on funding research for innovative grants for translational research in ovarian, uterine, breast or cervical cancer. Translational research is broadly defined as research that will provide a scientific link between laboratory research and the clinic. Ultimately, such research would lead to improvement in diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, or treatment of the cancer.

Only ONE application per institution is allowed. Investigators interested in applying must submit their biosketch and a one-paragraph description to cancer@case.edu by Wednesday, January 5.

Internal Deadline: January 5
External Deadline: February 4



**All events are open to anyone interested in attending

December 27

December 28

December 29

Hematology and Oncology Division Research Conference canceled

December 30

December 31

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Cancer Center Seminar Series
January 7, 2011
Mikkael Sekeres, MD, MS
Associate Professor, Hematology & Medical Oncology
CWRU/ Cleveland Clinic
Topic: The Epidemiology of Myelodysplastic Syndromes: 2010
12 pm BRB 105


Active Living Research Annual Conference
February 22-24, 2011
San Diego, CA
Call for Abstracts Deadline: August 6

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care: Building the Foundation for Future Research Goals
March 4-5, 2011
Las Vegas, Nevada

4th Annual Biospecimen Research Network (BRN) Symposium: Advancing Cancer Research Through Biospecimen Science
March 28-29, 2011
Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Bethesda, Maryland

2011 Clinical and Translational Research and Education Meeting: ACRT/SCTS Joint Annual Meeting
April 27-29, 2011
Omni Shoreham in Washington, DC
Abstract Deadline: December 16

Cancer Health Disparities Summit 2011
July 13-15, 2011
Bethesda North Marriott Hotel in Rockville, Maryland


NCI Announces Plans to Reinvigorate Clinical Trials

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has announced major changes to be made in the long-established Clinical Trials Cooperative Group Program that conducts many of the nationwide trials of new cancer therapies. In a major transformation, NCI intends to consolidate the nine groups that currently conduct trials in adult cancer patients into four state-of-the-art entities that will design and perform improved trials of cancer therapies. These changes are designed to provide greater benefits for cancer patients and more information for researchers. These moves come in response to an NCI-requested April 2010 report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), which called for a series of changes to the cooperative groups program, including restructuring.

"Clinical trials are at the heart of cancer care and treatment, and NCI is dedicated to making sure they are as effective as they can be," said Harold E. Varmus, M.D., NCI director. "In the last decade, our knowledge of genetic and epigenetic changes that drive the initiation and progression of cancers has increased exponentially. Consequently we must assess and improve the methods by which NCI evaluates new therapies that take advantage of our new understanding of many kinds of cancers."

The April IOM report noted that the current trials system is inefficient, cumbersome, underfunded, and overly complex. The report recommended consolidating existing adult cooperative groups into a smaller number of groups that could function in a more closely integrated manner...

Click here to view the entire article.


Clinical Assay Development Program (CADP)

The NIH has recently unveiled a new program, the Clinical Assay Development Program (CADP) designed to provide support and expertise to aid in the transition of predictive or prognostic cancer research assays to clinically validated, robust, "CLIA-approved" assays. This program is similar in scope and design to the RAID program for drug development.

The assay to be developed must measure predictive or prognostic markers, assays measuring diagnostic markers will not be considered for this program. The primary biospecimens to be utilized will be archived, formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissues, however, assays utilizing other biospecimens will be acceptable if they are sufficiently compelling. One important eligibility criterion requires that the assay must be able to be performed with instrumentation and techniques available in standard clinical labs.

The deadline for the first round of applications is January 21, 2011.

For additional information, or to request assistance in development of an application please contact: John Pink (jrp16@cwru.edu), Director; Translational Research Core Facility, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center.


Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) 2011 Creativity Awards
Deadline: January 13, 2011

Interinstitutional Basic, Clinical and Translational Research Projects in Cancer
Deadline: January 18, 2011

Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Research Program
Cycle 1 LOI Deadline: January 21, 2011
Cycle 1 Full Proposal Deadline: March 11, 2011

AICR Research Grant Program
External LOI Deadline: January 25, 2011
External Full Application Deadline: May 2, 2011

AICR Investigator Initiated Grants (IIGs)
LOI Deadline: January 25, 2011
Full Application Deadline: May 2, 2011

AICR Matching Grants
LOI Deadline: January 25, 2011
Full Application Deadline: May 2, 2011

AICR Postdoctoral Awards (PDAs)
LOI Deadline: January 25, 2011
Full Application Deadline: May 2, 2011

ACS Joseph S. Silber Student Research Fellowship
Deadline: January 28, 2011

2011 Lasker Medical Research Awards
Nomination Deadline: February 1, 2011

2011 Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Medical Research Fellowship Awards
Deadline: February 1, 2011

Leukemia Research Foundation
Deadline: February 15, 2011

James S. McDonnell Foundation 21st Century Science Research Awards
Deadline: March 15, 2011

Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Research Program
Cycle 2 LOI Deadline: May 6, 2011
Cycle 2 Full Proposal Deadline: July 5, 2011

Translational Technology Concept Studies of Circulating Tumor and Endothelial Cells (CTC/CEC)
Deadline: Open

AACR Scholar-in-Training Awards - Special Conferences
Deadline: Open

International Union Against Cancer (UICC) International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowships
Application Deadline: Open

NCI Short-Term Scientist Exchange Program
Application Deadline: Open

James S. McDonnell Foundation Collaborative Activity Awards
Application Deadline: Open

NIH BULLETIN – Notices and Funding Opportunities

Mitochondria in Cancer Epidemiology, Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis (R21) (PA-11-074)

Mitochondria in Cancer Epidemiology, Detection, Diagnosis and Prognosis (R01) (PA-11-073)

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