Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Newsletter

September 8, 2008


Please join us in welcoming the following new members of the Case CCC:

Joseph Gibbons, MD
Assistant Professor, Medicine- Hem/Onc
Clinical Program

Peter Harte, PhD
Professor, Genetics
Cancer Genetics Program

Z. Meral Ozsoyoglu, PhD
Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
Cancer Genetics Program
Aging-Cancer Research Program

Horst von Recum, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Developmental Therapeutics Program

David Wald, MD, PhD
Instructor, Pathology
Developmental Therapeutics Program

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY– Canary Foundation/ACS Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Early Detection of Cancer for 2009

The Canary Foundation has partnered with the American Cancer Society (ACS) to create a postdoctoral fellowship program focused on studies towards development of strategies for early detection of cancer. Research should be directed at new approaches to improve clinical methods for the detection of primary tumors and/or metastases. The projects that will be funded are expected to have a direct impact on the early detection of cancer or to provide a clear conceptual or experimental foundation for the future development of methods for early detection.

Application Deadline: October 15

For details, please click here.


November 16
Fort Lauderdale, FL

The purpose of this annual symposium is to engage promising young clinical investigators in cooperative group clinical research. Individuals who meet the criteria are invited to submit an abstract for presentation at the fall ECOG meeting, which will take place November 14-16 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The symposium will tentatively take place between 8:30-11:00 am on November 16.

Abstracts should be emailed or faxed no later than October 10. For details, please click here.

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY– AACR/American Cancer Society Award for Research Excellence in Cancer Epidemiology & Prevention

The AACR is currently accepting nominations for the AACR-American Cancer Society Award for Research Excellence in Cancer Epidemiology & Prevention. The AACR and the American Cancer Society established this award in 1992 to honor outstanding research accomplishments in the fields of cancer epidemiology, biomarkers, and prevention.

Nomination Deadline: October 15

For details, please click here.

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY– AACR Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cancer Research

The AACR is accepting nominations for the Outstanding Achievement in Cancer Research Award. This award was established in 1979 thanks to the contributions of an anonymous donor. The purpose of the award is to recognize a young investigator in cancer research. award recipients must not be over 40 years old at time of receipt.

Nomination Deadline: October 15

For more information, please click here.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS– AACR Centennial Symposium

October 27-28
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Buffalo, NY

The AACR Centennial Symposium: The Future of Cancer Research: Science and Patient Impact will focus on the latest and future advances in cancer research, technologies, and techniques. This forward-looking centennial symposium will also be honoring the long history that the AACR has had with the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Advance Registration Deadline: September 15

For details, please click here.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS– NanoMedicine Summit 2008

September 25-26
Ritz Carlton

The 2008 Cleveland NanoMedicine Summit, is the anchor event for Nano Week in Cleveland (in its fifth year) and will be co-hosted by NorTech's Nano-Network, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Case Western Reserve University. This conference has been incredibly successful in the past (as evidenced by national media attention and feedback from attendees) by bringing together scientists, clinicians, business professionals, investors and others to learn, discuss and interact under the umbrella of nanomedicine.

The 2008 Summit will focus on the use of nanoparticles for diagnostics and therapeutics. Session highlights include:
–Nanoparticles for Imaging Cancer and other Diseases
–Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
–Nanoparticle Building Blocks
–Nanoparticles for Treatment of Disease
–Biological Investigation Using Nanoparticles

Many Cancer Center members are involved in this Summit. Drs. James Basilion, Vinod Labhasetwar, and Maciej Zborowski are on the Organizing Committee, and the following members are scheduled to speak: Drs. Stanton Gerson, Clemens Burda, Agata Exner, Vinod Labhasetwar, Horst von Recum, Pam Davis, Mark Cooper, and Thomas Budd.

For more information, please click here.


**All events are open to anyone interested in attending

September 8

Hematology/Oncology Research In Progress Seminar
Jinhua Shen
Postdoc, Qu Lab, Div. of Hem/Onc
Topic: Deficiency of the Mitochondrial Phosphatase PTPMT1 Induces Autophagy and Caspase-independent Cell Death
12:00 pm WRB 2-136

Pathology Research Seminar Series
Paul McMenamin, PhD, MSc
Professor, Anatomy & Human Biology
University of Western Australia
Topic: Newly Discovered Membrane Nanotubes on Corneal DCs In Vivo May be a Novel Means of Cell-Cell Communication in an Immune Privileged Tissue
12:00 pm WRB 1413

Physiology & Biophysics Seminar
Peter J. Thomas, PhD
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Topic: Information Theory and Chemotaxis
4:00 pm SOM E501

September 9

2008 Enrique Ecker Lecture
Gary Litman, PhD
Chair, Pediatrics
University of South Florida
Topic: Diverse Immune Diversity– What Would Darwin Think?
12:00 pm WRB 1413

September 10

Grand Rounds
Brenda Cooper, MD
Associate Professor, Medicine- Hem/Onc
Topic: Introduction to Blood and Marrow Transplantation
8:00 am Lerner B-151

Pathology Graduate Student Seminar
Jingjing Liang
Graduate Student, Kong Lab, Pathology
Topic: Prion Protein in Myopathy and Myoblast Differentiation
12:00 pm WRB 1413

CSCRM Seminar
Tim Brazelton, PhD
Assistant Professor, Surgery
University of Pennsylvania
Topic: Pathways to Enhanced Skeletal Muscle Regeneration: A Stem Cell Focus
4:30 pm WRB 1413

September 11

Ophthalmic Research
Arthur S. Polans, PhD
Professor, Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
University of Wisconsin
Topic: An Eye on Cancer
7:00 am Cleveland Clinic Storer Rm (Cole 1st Floor)

Taussig Cancer Institute Core Curriculum Series
Ronald Sobecks, MD
Assistant Professor, Hematologic Oncology & Blood Disorders
CWRU/ Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Overview of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
12:00 pm R3-002 Cleveland Clinic

Practice-Based Research Network Seminar
Topic: Network Development and Maintenance
6:00 pm Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office

September 12

Hematology/Oncology Fellows Seminar
Topic: TBA
8:00 am Wearn 137

Taussig Cancer Institute Grand Rounds
Donald I. Abrams, MD
Professor, Clinical Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
Topic: HIV Related Malignancies
8:00 am R3/002-003 Cleveland Clinic


For a complete listing of LRI seminars click here.



**For more information on these symposiums, please contact Christine Rhoads.

Family-Centered Care
March 21, 2009
Holiday Inn, Independence
Details to follow

Head and Neck Conference
April 17, 2009
Holiday Inn, Independence
Details to follow


September 25-28
Hilton San Francisco

The Oncology Congress engages you in productive peer-to-peer discussions about cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment options, giving you the practical knowledge, tools, and insight needed to improve care and quality of life for your patients today.

The Case CCC has partnered with the Oncology Congress to offer a discounted registration rate for Case CCC members: $395 for physicians and $195 for nurses and physician assistants. To register, please click here, and use priority code COE8.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS– 61st Annual Symposium on Cancer Research: Systems Biology of Cancer

October 30-November 1
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is pleased to host the 61st Annual Symposium on Cancer Research: Systems Biology of Cancer. This symposium will bring together internationally-recognized scientists from academia, industry, regulatory agencies, and patient advocates to describe and discuss state-of-the art information about how systems biology is transforming cancer research. This symposium is directed towards scientists, scientists-in-training, physicians, physicians-in-training, students, and fellows interested in integrating large molecular data sets to generate information relevant to understanding the mechanism of cancer growth and ultimately diagnosing and treating it.

For details, please click here.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS– AFAR Conference on Cancer and Aging

October 6-7
Union League Club
New York, NY

The American Federation on Aging Research (AFAR) is pleased to present Aging and Cancer: Two Sides of the Same Coin?, October 6-7 in New York. This two-day conference will explore fundamental aspects of aging and cancer processes and their interactions. Speakers will examine: genetic and epigenetic changes, environmental influences, and host factors such as oxidative stress and cell death. The evolutionary, cellular and molecular relationships among aging, tumor suppressor mechanisms and the development of cancer as well as the interactions of normal aging cells, stem cells and differences in the manifestation of cancer in young and old will also be discussed. Speakers will report on topics such as telomere biology; nuclear processes such as DNA damage, repair, replication, recombination and transcription; and relevant aspects of mitochondrial structure and function. The goal will be to elucidate genetic and epigenetic alterations that lead to aging and cancer phenotypes.

For more information, please click here.


Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation
Deadline: September 15

Pezcoller Foundation/ AACR International Award for Cancer Research
Deadline: September 15

Susan G. Komen Promise Grants
Pre-Application Deadline: September 25

ACS Ohio Division Pilot Grants
Application Deadline: September 29

Quantitative Imaging for Evaluation of Responses to Cancer Therapies (U01)
Deadline: October 5

World Cancer Research Fund International
Deadline: October 13

NCI Clinical Investigator Development Program
Application Deadline: October 15

ACS Pilot and Exploratory Projects in Palliative Care of Cancer Patients and Their Families
Application Deadline: October 15

Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Training Program Clinical Research Scholars
Application Deadline: November 4

Susan G. Komen Promise Grants
Full Application Deadline: December 4

Sallie Rosen Kaplan Fellowship
Deadline: December 15

NIH Bulletin – Notices and Funding Opportunities

Clarification of NIH Policy on Late Submission of Grant Applications (NOT-OD-08-111)

NIH Offers New Dual-Track Commercialization Assistance Program to SBIR Phase II Awardees (NOT-OD-08-113)

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