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Youwei Zhang, PhD

Youwei Zhang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Pharmacology 216.368.7588 (o) 216.368.1300 (f)


Member, Molecular Oncology Program


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Genome stability, in a simple way, means that the genetic information buried in DNA has to be kept stable. Changes or damages to DNA, if not fixed, often lead to the loss of genome stability. A long-term effect of the loss of genome stability is the occurrence of degenerative diseases, including premature ageing and human cancers. My lab is trying to understand a fundamental biological issue: how the genome stability is maintained in human cells? In detail, we focus on dissecting the molecular signaling networks that maintain the genome stability in human cells.

Virtually every function of the cell is carried out by a number of proteins that form a network within the cell. Genome stability maintenance is no exception. Knowing members of this signaling network is critical for our understanding of how the genome stability is maintained in human cells. We use biochemical, genetic, pharmacological and structural tools to identify proteins involved in this process and characterize their molecular function. In the long, we wish to understand how the genome stability is maintained.