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Satish Viswanath, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering 216.368.3888 (o)

Member, Cancer Imaging Program


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My research focuses on developing novel radiomics and machine learning tools for disease diagnosis, intervention, and treatment evaluation. This involves integrating information across multiple length scales of Big Data by spatially resolving imaging (macro-scale) with molecular and pathology (micro-, nano- scales) data. As a result, we obtain a more comprehensive assessment of disease in vivo, as opposed to analyzing any one data stream in isolation. Applications of my research include: (a) decision support for treatment (e.g. choice of therapy), (b) targeting therapeutic procedures (e.g. guiding ablation, radiotherapy, surgery), and (c) biological quantitation for treatment response characterization in vivo. While my research is intended to generalize to different disease types and applications, I am currently primarily focused on colorectal, renal, and prostate cancers, with additional applications being explored in digestive diseases and bladder cancers. 

My research has resulted in nearly 30 peer-reviewed conference or journal papers so far, as well as have two issued and one PCT patents in computerized decision support technology for cancer diagnosis and treatment planning. I have helped coordinate workshops in cancer imaging and image-guided interventions, and have served as co-I on an NIH R21 clinical trial where I am in charge of developing computerized decision support for guiding and evaluating focal treatment for prostate cancer.

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