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Nicole F.  Steinmetz, PhD

Nicole F. Steinmetz, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering 216.844.8164 (o)

Member, Cancer Imaging Program


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Our mission is to push to new frontiers in medicine and materials through molecular engineering of biology-inspired nanotechnologies. Our vision is the translation of promising nanotechnologies into clinical and commercial applications. Next-generation nanotechnology depends upon the capacity to precisely alter size and shape of nanostructured features with temporal and spatial control. Nanoscale self-assembly is a technique that Nature masters with atomic precision; using this principle, we turned toward the study and application of plant viruses as an approach to generate highly structured nanoparticles with new functionalities. Viruses have naturally evolved to deliver cargos to cells and tissues; through structure-function studies we are beginning to understand how to tailor these materials appropriately for applications in medicine and biotechnology. Research is organized into three (3) interconnected research thrusts:

  • Drug delivery and immunotherapies
  • Molecular imaging for diagnosis and prognosis 
  • Synthetic virology approaches toward novel materials