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Zhenghong Lee, PhD

Zhenghong Lee, PhD

Co-Leader, Cancer Imaging Program 216.844.7920 (o) 216.844.3106 (f)


Professor, Radiology, Biomedical Engineering


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My expertise is in molecular imaging with a specialty in PET imaging with small molecule radio-tracers. I am also well-versed in quantitative analysis and can contribute to the processing of dynamically acquired PET image data for correlation with histological evaluation. Over the years, I have gained considerable experience in animal imaging using micro-scanners for small animals such as mice and rats, and clinical scanners for mid- and large-size animals such as rabbits, woodchucks, canines, and pigs. Cancer imaging is the main research focus of my lab as we have been investigating the mechanisms of tracer uptake in tumors as well as evaluating the potentials for clinical utility of these tracers. My lab has also been developing novel reporter systems to study biology events associated with stem cell-based repair and regeneration in vivo.