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David R. Kaplan, MD, PhD

Professor, Pathology 216.368.6590 (o) 216.368.0494 (f)

Member, Hematopoietic and Immune Cancer Biology Program


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Flow cytometric analysis is a powerful technique for the single cell assessment of molecules expressed at low levels. The major deficiency of flow cytometry has been its relative insensitivity. Only molecules expressed in abundance have been readily observed. We have developed an enzymatic amplification procedure for flow cytometry that increases the fluorescence signal between 10 and 100 fold thereby producing a significant enhancement in the resolving power of the technique. Using this technique we have been able to detect the presence of molecules that could not be observed by the standard procedure. With enzymatic amplification staining, we have significantly enhanced the sensitivity of flow cytometric analysis for surface receptors and a variety of intracellular analytes such as cyclin molecules, phosphoantigens, transcription factors, mitochondrial molecules, apoptosis mediators, and RNA. Enzymatic amplification staining gives a resolving capability that is comparable to the sensitivity of western analysis.

Additionally, I have been interested in the reform of peer review involving the assessment of grant applications for funding. I have proposed several ideas in a series of published essays and experimental studies.