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Chris G. Dealwis, PhD

Associate Professor, Pharmacology 216.368.1652 (o) 216.368.1300 (f)

Member, Molecular Oncology Program


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Nearly every major process in a cell is carried out by a complex assembly of several proteins. The main focus of the lab involves understanding the structural organization requirements by multiple protein assemblies to facilitate biological function. Our approach is to use a multidisciplinary cycle to study the structure-function relationship of proteins. We also use structure-based drug and protein design to develop novel therapeutics against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and microbial infections. Biophysical tools such as x-ray & neutron crystallography, molecular modeling, CD, MS, fluorescence spectroscopy and ultracentrifugation are the techniques used in our lab.

Specifically, my research focuses on three areas of interest. They are: (1) the structure-function and regulation of  ribonucleotide reductase (RNR) by small molecule effectors and its protein inhibitor, the Suppressor of Mec 1 Lethality 1 (Sml1), (2) the structure-function of pathogenic amyloid forming proteins, and (3) the investigation of enzyme catalytic mechanisms, dynamics and solvent structure of macromoleculesusing neutron and ultra-high resolution x-ray diffraction.