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Ronald A.  Conlon, PhD

Ronald A. Conlon, PhD

Director, Transgenic & Targeting Core Facility 216.368.1826 (o) 216.368.3432 (f)

Associate Professor, Genetics
Member, Nonprogrammatically Aligned


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The Conlon lab focusses on the mechanisms of early development. Axis formation, segmentation and pattern formation are studied with embryological, molecular and genetic techniques.

The early development of mammals is poorly understood, in part because of the lack of evolutionary conservation of these processes. The genes and mechanisms governing cleavage, implantation, axis formation and segmentation are studied by means which allow us to uncover the relevant genes in these processes. The function of the genes on mouse chromosome 2 in early development are studied through the engineering of mutations, and multiple gene deletions. Gene targeting, site-specific recombinases, and chemical mutagens are used to reveal the role of these genes. Learn more about the lab, the research and the people at the Conlon lab web site: