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Drew Adams, PhD

Drew Adams, PhD

Assistant Professor, Genetics and Genome Sciences 216.368.4922 (o)

Member, Developmental Therapeutics Program


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My work involves pairing expertise in high-throughput screening/assay development and organic synthesis to identify and optimize new starting points for therapeutics. I've previously executed high-throughput screens aimed at inhibiting NSD2/MMSET/WHSC1, a histone methyltransferase implicated in cancer by recurrent genomic alterations, and elevating oxidative stress, a cancer hallmark. I've also elucidated the true cellular target (NAMPT) of an anti-cancer agent previously thought to target GLUT1 and developed a new high-throughput assay to measure radiation response in high throughput that enabled profiling of over 600 cancer cell lines for radiation response. Having joined CWRU in March 2015, my new lab aims to continue working in the area of cancer therapeutics including by initiating collaborations with biological specialists.

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