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Scientific Series

Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Cancer

Friday, September 1, 2017
12-2p Wolstein Research Building 1-413
Presentations & Reception 


Welcome and Introduction
Ruth Keri, PhD and Stan Gerson, MD

Targeting and Treatment of Adolescent and Young Adult Glioblastoma Using PTPμ-based Targeting Agents and Chain-like Nanoparticles
Susann Brady-Kalnay, PhD

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Database and Biorepository
Paolo Caimi, MD

Disruption of Cdk5 Diminishes Tumor PD-L1 Expression and Enhances CD4+ T Cell-mediated Rejection of Medulloblastoma and Other AYA Brain Tumor
Alex Huang, MD, PhD

The MT1-MMP − TGF-ß axis in Melanoma: Potentiating Metastasis and Suppressing Tumor Immunity
John Letterio, MD

Targeting AYA Leukemia with NK Cell Therapy
David Wald, MD, PhD