Annual Scientific Retreat

Call for Abstracts

Open to all graduate students, postdocs and fellows.

Monetary prizes will be awarded.

Attendance for invited presenters is complimentary, but advance registration is required. Visit the retreat homepage for more information.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed for posters:

  • A 4' x 6' poster board will be provided to each presenter. Please let us know if your poster is larger than this and we will provide you with a larger board.
  • Pushpins will be provided.
  • If possible, please acknowledge on your poster any support your project has received from Case CCC funds.
  • You can set your poster upon arrival on Friday, July 11.
  • On the day of the retreat, check in at the registration table in the poster area to receive your poster number.

Posters will be judged during the cocktail reception on Friday, July 11. During this time it is expected that you will be by your poster and give a ten minute presentation to the judges.

Judging Criteria

  • Organization and Visual Presentation- Panel display is logical and aesthetically pleasing
  • Student Preparedness- Student is present and prepared to give oral description of research
  • Introduction and Background- Student provides sufficient and relevant background for a general audience
  • Experimental Design and Data Analysis- Student has designed relevant experiments to test stated hypothesis with controls. Student has applied appropriate analytical methodology
  • Conclusions and Future Directions- Conclusions follow from reasonable analysis of date with alternative interpretations explored. Student has designed additional testable hypotheses
  • Overall Presentation- Considerations of clarity, organization, poster layout, how well student handles questions

Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstracts must be in Times New Roman Size 12 and must fit on an 8½" × 11" paper with 1" margins on all sides.
  • Include the title and authors at the top, and acknowledgements at the bottom.
  • You may have one figure or one table in black and white. These illustrations must fit on the same page as the abstract text.
  • All abstracts will be published in a booklet that will be available to all participants.
  • Please include mentor name and training program (if applicable) in email body
  • Submit abstracts to by Friday, June 27 at 5 pm.