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December 1, 2014


Dr. Stan GersonStan Gerson, MD
Director, Case CCC

#Giving TuesdayatCWRU on December 2

This message was sent last Tuesday prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. However, because it is so important, I wanted to include it again to make sure everyone knew about #GivingTuesdayatCWRU.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 2, is recognized as #GivingTuesday, a movement to create a national day of giving to kick-off the giving season.

To coincide with this, CWRU has an annual fundraising event called #GivingTuesdayatCWRU, and this year the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center is one of the beneficiaries!!

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage every member of the Case CCC community to participate in #GivingTuesdayatCWRU. The process is simple: to donate, simply visit

What a perfect example of using the social network to connect about funding cancer research! With close to 400 Case CCC members, plus our trainees, newsletter recipients, friends and contacts, we could make a real showing! And, I am told that the funds will come directly to the Cancer Center. While we will plan to use these funds for special small projects, I will prioritize small grants to trainees on a competitive basis.

You might help by spreading the word and forwarding this note to your network of family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and the community and encourage them to donate. Talk about the important work you do. Be creative and be impactful.

If you just want to forward this note, I will remind you how important your work is: You discover the genes that cause cancer, identify targets for new drugs, test concepts for new treatments, and develop model systems that can be used to test your latest hypothesis.

Remember: #GivingTuesdayatCWRU. To donate, visit: Please spread the word!

CWRU and Case CCC to join VeloSano

The Case CCC, by invitation from Dr. Brian Bolwell, Associate Director for Taussig Cancer Institute in the Case CCC and Chair of Taussig Cancer Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, will be an active partner in the 2015 VeloSano event. Last year, VeloSano raised nearly $2 million for cancer research at Cleveland Clinic. In being asked to participate, Cancer Center members and their trainees and staff have a unique opportunity to participate in this cancer research fundraising event. Nationally, bike rides have become almost viral in their ability to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

Our first task is to organize a volunteer working group to help with our Cancer Center involvement and links to the VeloSano organization. Later this winter, we intend to expand to engage the university community and beyond. The proceeds from next year's event will be expanded to include peer-reviewed research proposals from Case CCC members based at UH and CWRU. Participants can ride, raise funds, volunteer time, organize and participate in rest stop activities, and help with logistics.

We would like faculty, trainees and staff interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity to attend an exploratory meeting to discuss our involvement and to serve as the Case CCC planning committee for this event. Please contact Jason Gray at or 216.368.4420 for more information. We encourage faculty, staff and students to participate.

ASH Annual Meeting: Revised list of presentations

As a reminder, the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting will be held December 6-9 in San Francisco.

Last week we ran a list of Case CCC members who will be participating, presenting, and leading sessions. An oral presentation by Dr. Lan Zhou on Loss of Notch Receptor-Ligand Engagement Leads to Increased Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cell Egress and Mobilization was accidentally omitted. Dr. Zhou will be presenting on Monday, December 8 at 5:15 pm. Please see the revised list for details.

AACR Annual Meeting 2015: Call for Clinical Trials Abstracts

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting will be held April 18-22, 2015 in Philadelphia. AACR is encouraging attendees to submit clinical trials for presentation at this meeting to facilitate the continued growth of the invaluable clinical content of this meeting. There will be at least 38 opportunities for the oral presentation of clinical trials at the Annual Meeting, including the presentation in the Opening Plenary Session of an outstanding clinical trial that holds promise for changing clinical practice and approaches. They will also offer four marquee Clinical Trials Symposia which will feature tandem presentations of the trial data and the science informing the trial. Please keep in mind that there are also many poster sessions, including one focusing on highly informative "Trials in Progress."

The deadline to submit clinical trial abstracts is this Wednesday, December 3. Late-breaking and placeholder abstracts should be submitted by Tuesday, January 27, 2015. Instructions are on the Annual Meeting website. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.


UL Researchers in Bowel Cancer Breakthrough
The Clare Herald - Dec 1, 2014
Researchers at University of Limerick and University Hospital Limerick have identified several new genetic biomarkers which better predict outcomes for patients with bowel/colorectal cancer. The research team identified genes that are predictors of cancer recurrence and can also help to identify a patients' suitability to specific types of chemotherapy...Professor J. Calvin Coffey Graduate Entry Medical School, UL and Colorectal Surgeon, University Hospital Limerick explains: "One of the key early events in the spread of cancer is its spread to involve the lymph glands that drain the colon. The identification of tumours that will spread to the glands is a key challenge for clinicians as these are the patients most likely to benefit from chemotherapy." Professor Coffey, in collaboration with Professor Colum Dunne and Dr Pat Kiely at UL, and Professor Matt Kalady at the Cleveland Clinic and Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, developed a multigene assay for the preoperative determination of lymph node status in colorectal cancer. The diagnostic tool can be universally applied to all forms of solid organ malignancy (including breast, oesophageal, lung and pancreatic cancer), and has led to the identification of several novel biomarkers...

Platelet Mimicry Technology Halts Bleeding Faster, May Have Broad Use in Medicine
The Daily- Nov 26, 2014
Anirban Sen Gupta, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve and member of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, previously designed peptide-based surface chemistries that mimic the clot-relevant activities of real platelets. Building on this work, Sen Gupta now focuses on incorporating morphological and mechanical cues that are naturally present in platelets to further refine the design.

Corticosteroids in Cancer Pain Management
Medscape - Nov 25, 2014
Today's commentary covers the study "Efficacy of Methylprednisolone on Pain, Fatigue, and Appetite Loss in Patients With Advanced Cancer Using Opioids: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Trial." Our commentator has given this study a ranking of "Changes Clinical Practice," with the conclusion that corticosteroids should be administered for cancer-related fatigue, not pain. Today's F1000 commentary comes from Dr. Mellar Davis, professor of medicine, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University and member of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center.

What is the Role of Allogeneic Transplants in MM?
Medpage Today- Nov 24, 2014
For the month of November, MedPage Today is asking hematologists at leading medical centers to "deconstruct" multiple myeloma diagnosis and treatment. In this installment, we asked, "What is the role of allogeneic transplants in multiple myeloma?". Our participants are: Matt Kalaycio, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic; and Hillard Lazarus, MD, of University Hospitals Case Medical Center. Both are also members of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center in Cleveland.


Nursing School Awarded Grant to Study Link Between Brain and Health Behavior Change

A five-year, $2.35 million grant from the National Institute of Nursing Research will allow researchers from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University to study how brain activity motivates the chronically ill to manage their illnesses. Five pilot studies, involving different chronic illnesses and researchers from nursing, medicine, public health, economics and cognitive science, will focus on how individuals activate task or emotion centers in the brain. By better understanding how these emotion and task centers work, new interventions that activate these areas of the brain can be developed to motivate patients to take better care of themselves. "Finding a way to change brain activity and its influence on healthy behavior would be like finding the Holy Grail," said the study's lead investigator Dr. Shirley Moore, associate dean of research at the nursing school and the Edward J. and Louise Mellen Professor of Nursing. Moore is working with a team of nursing school investigators, led by Drs. Carol Musil, the Marvin E. and Ruth Durr Denekas Professor of Nursing; Michael Decker, associate professor of nursing; and Patricia Higgins, associate professor of nursing. Anthony Jack, associate professor of cognitive science, and Vikas Gulani, assistant professor of medicine and Director of the Case Center for Imaging Research, are also involved in the research. [more]


Limited Submission: The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation: Macy Faculty Scholars Program

The Macy Faculty Scholars program is designed to identify and nurture the careers of promising educational innovators in medicine and nursing. With support from the Macy Foundation, scholars will implement new educational innovations at their home institutions and participate in career development activities. An informational webinar for applicants will be held on December 8, 2014 at 2pm ET.
CWRU LOI Deadline: December 29
External Application Deadline: February 11, 2015

GI SPORE: Request for Project Proposals

All Faculty members are invited to submit concept proposals for five-year Projects to compete for incorporation as a full project proposal in the upcoming GI SPORE competing renewal application that will be prepared starting in January 2015 for submission in September 2015.

All proposals must be directed towards translational research of a GI malignancy, with at least one specific aim that involves direct study of patients or of human tissues. Proposals must include two project leaders: one Basic Science leader and one Clinical leader. Previously submitted SPORE pilot applications are welcome to be resubmitted as full projects, and may be updated with any new progress. 
Deadline: January 16, 2015

Ohio Cancer Research Associates

Ohio Cancer Research Associates is announcing its grant competition for 2015. The grants awarded by Ohio Cancer Research Associates are made to support research activities broadly related to cancer and leukemia. The organization seeks to fund research that will lead to continued support at the national level. The number of grants awarded will depend upon our available funds. Ohio Cancer Research Associates targets its grants to junior faculty. Full professors are not eligible to apply and applicants must be independent and within six years of their first independent research position. 
Deadline: February 28, 2015

Call for Applications: Computational Genomic Epidemiology of Cancer (CoGEC) Training Program

The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center invites applications to its Computational Genomic Epidemiology of Cancer (CoGEC) Training Program for research associates, for a start date of August 1, 2015. This program combines a mentored cancer research project designed by the fellow in collaboration with their mentors with a specialized curriculum of formal didactic training and individualized longitudinal curriculum.

This program is designed to prepare research associates for careers as: Independent investigators engaged in research at the intersection of cancer research, genetics, epidemiology, biostatistics, and computer science. Cancer researchers obtaining training will have the skills vital to decipher the complex pathways compromised of genetic and environmental risk factors for disease, and will ultimately be able to provide clinicians and their patients with valuable information for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Salary and research supply funds are highly competitive.


  • US citizenship or permanent residency.
  • Terminal degree (PhD, MD or MD/PhD).
  • Demonstrated skills in quantitative analysis and an interest in a career in cancer genetics research.

For more information about the program and application materials, please visit the Cancer Center website OR contact Lyn Haselton at


Cancer Survival From a Policy and Clinical Perspective: US Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program, 1975-2010

Survival statistics are of great interest to clinicians, researchers, patients, and policy makers. Numerous methods and measures of cancer survival for cancer registry data have been developed, but not all are well known or in common use. The National Cancer Institute is pleased to announce the publication of Cancer Survival From a Policy and Clinical Perspective: US Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program, 1975-2010 in Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monographs (No. 49: November 2014). The papers in the monograph aim to introduce these cancer registry survival measures to a broad audience. To make the measures more accessible, the authors minimize technical language, provide explanations, suggest when to use the measures, and describe caveats for their interpretation. The monograph's focus is on methods implemented in SEER*Stat that could be readily used with cancer registry data, and on illustrating which survival measures should be used for specific purposes: research and policy versus prognosis and individual decision making. The overview paper in the monograph presents up-to-date survival estimates for selected cancers sorted by these purposes. Because different survival statistics answer different questions, both the producers and the end-users of cancer survival measures need to understand how to select and interpret the most appropriate statistic to answer the question of interest. Beginning in mid-December, a single printed copy of the monograph may be ordered online from the NCI Publications Locator, while supplies last.


Friends For An Earlier Breast Cancer Test®
Deadline: December 1

Audrey Meyer Mars International Fellowship in Clinical Oncology
Deadline: December 1

Kure It-AACR Research Grant for Immunotherapy in Kidney Cancer
Deadline: December 2

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Innovation Grant
LOI Deadline: December 3

DoD BCRP Breakthrough Award Funding Level 1 and 2
Pre-Application/LOI Deadline: December 3
Application Deadline: December 17

Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research Kimmel Scholar Award
Deadline: December 3

Sidney Kimmel Foundation for Cancer Research Kimmel Translational Science Award
Deadline: December 3

Colon Cancer Alliance-AACR Fellowship in Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Research
Deadline: December 9

Landon Foundation-AACR INNOVATOR Award for Cancer Prevention Research
Deadline: December 9

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Epidemiology Grants Epidemiology Grants
Deadline: December 15

Doris Duke Clinical Research Mentorship Program
Deadline: January 13, 2015

Radiological Society of North America
Deadline: January 15, 2015

International Association of the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC)
Deadline: January 15, 2015

Lila and Murray Gruber Memorial Cancer Research Award
Deadline: February 28, 2015

Worldwide Cancer Research
Deadline: April 24, 2015

International Union Against Cancer (UICC) International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowships
Application Deadline: Open

International Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF) Research Grant Program
Application Deadline: Open

Solving Kids' Cancer Therapeutic Development Initiative
Application Deadline: Open

Support of Multi-investigator Initiatives in the Case CCC
Deadline: Open

Collaborative Activity Awards
Deadline: Open

NIH BULLETIN – Notices and Funding Opportunities


If you have a new grant, recently won an award, or have other newsworthy items, please let us know so we can publicize them in the newsletter and other media outlets. You deserve the accolades! Send items to Gillian Irwin at


Tues, Dec 2

Radiation Oncology Grand Rounds
Topic: 2014 University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University ASTRO Presentations
8:10 am Lerner B151

Molecular Genetics Departmental Research Seminar Series
Saurabh Chattopadhyay, PhD
Project Staff, Sen Lab, Molecular Genetics
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Two Faces of IRF-3 in Innate Immunity
9:30 am NE1-205 Cleveland Clinic

Immunology Research Seminar Series
Pamela Wearsch, PhD
Department of Pathology
Topic: TBD
12 pm Wolstein Research Bldg 1-413

Pharmacology/Ophthalmology Joint Seminar
W. Daniel Stamer, PhD
Duke Eye Center
Topic: TBD
12 pm Wood W331/Webster Conference room

Physiology & Biophysics Seminar
Andrew P. Hinck, PhD
Professor, Biochemistry
University of Texas Health Science Center
Topic: Structural Studies of TGF-beta Superfamily Signaling Proteins: New insights into diversification of function and new strategies for treating diseases caused by aberrant superfamily signaling
12 pm SOM E501

THOR Meeting
Mark Brown, PhD
Assistant Staff, Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Targeting Glycerophospholipid Metabolism for Treatment of Hepatocelluar Carcinoma and Glioblastoma
1 pm R3-027 Cleveland Clinic

Special Cancer Center Seminar Series
Etty (Tika) Benveniste, PhD
Professor and Chair, Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine
Topic: The Role of Protein Kinase CK2 in Glioblastoma
1:30 pm BRB 105 (*note special date and time)

Wed, Dec 3

Neurosciences Guest Speaker
Etty (Tika) Benveniste, PhD
Professor and Chair, Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine
Topic: The JAK/STAT Pathway: Involvement in Neurologic Diseases
10 am NE1-205 Cleveland Clinic

Cancer Center Faculty Candidate
Wenge Zhu, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
George Washington University Medical Center
Topic: Maintenance Of Genomic Stability In Human Cell
11 am BRB 105

Thurs, Dec 4

Molecular Biology & Microbiology Seminar
Roxana Rojas, PhD
Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology & Microbiology
Topic: Host Factors Required for MTB Entry and Survival in Macrophages
A. Faisal Karim, PhD
Rojas Lab, Molecular Biology & Microbiology
Topic: Label-free Mass Spectrometric Analysis of M. tuberculosis ManLAM's Effect on the Proteome of Activated CD4+ T Cells
1 pm Rottman Seminar Room W203

Fri, Dec 5

Cellular and Molecular Medicine Seminar
Jan Jensen, PhD
Associate Professor, Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Towards Developmental Systems Biology: Creation of a technology platform addressing cellular differentiation using multi-dimensional perturbation experimental designs
10 am NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

Cancer Center Seminar Series
Paul Fox, PhD
Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
CWRU/Cleveland Clinic
Topic: VEGF-Ax, a Novel, Anti-angiogenic Factor Generated by Programmed Translational Readthrough of VEGFA mRNA
12 pm BRB 105

WHIG/Infectious Diseases/HIV Medicine Host Defense Joint Seminar Series
Saba Valadkhan, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, RNA Molecular Biology
Topic: Long Mon-protein-coding RNAs as Novel Players in the Antiviral Response
1 pm Rottman Seminar Room W203

Mon, Dec 8

Pathology Research Seminar Series
Anna Henry
Ramirez Lab, Pathology
Topic: Defining the Role of Hypoxia and HIF in Peripheral Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
12 pm WRB 1-413

Case CCC Breast Cancer Program Seminar
Analisa DiFeo, PhD
Assistant Professor, Div. of General Medical Sciences-Oncology
Christa Nagel, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Topic: Gynecological Oncology
4 pm Wearn 137

Tues, Dec 9

Cancer Imaging Program Meeting
New Focus Group Speakers: Anant Madabhushi, PhD; Vikas Gulani, MD, PhD; Lee Ponsky, MD
12 pm Wolstein Research Building 1-402

Immunology Research Seminar Series
Parameswaran Ramakrishnan MS, PhD
Department of Pathology
Topic: TBD
12 pm WRB 1-413

Pharmacology Seminar Series
Daniel Deroucher, PhD
Mount Sinai Hospital
Topic: TBD
12 pm Wood W331/Webster Conference room

Cancer Biology Seminar Series
Elona Gusho
Graduate Student, Silverman Lab, Cancer Biology
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Antagonism of Antiviral RNase L by Viral and Host Phosphodiesterases
2 pm NC1-202

DNA Damage/Repair Meeting
Mark Jackson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Pathology
Topic: Dismantling Senescence Programs During Transformation
4 pm WRB 3-136

Wed, Dec 10

Thurs, Dec 11

Prostate Cancer Working Group and Journal Club Seminar
Zhenghong Lee, PhD
Professor, Radiology, Biomedical Engineering
Topic: Experiencing Prostate Cancer Imaging
3 pm NE1-205 Cleveland Clinic

Fri, Dec 12

Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Russell DeBose-Boyd, PhD
Professor, Molecular Genetics
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Topic: Regulating Cholesterol Synthesis through ER-associated Degradation of HMG CoA Reductase
10 am NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

Cancer Center Seminar Series
Frank B. Gertler, PhD
Professor, Biology, Charles Ross Scholar
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Topic: Bi-directional Signaling Between Tumor Cells and the Microenvironment During Invasion and Metastasis
12 pm BRB 105

Cancer Center Research In Progress Seminar
Duncan Stearns, MD
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Topic: Matrix Reloaded: An update on the role of type III collagen in medulloblastoma tumorigenesis
4 pm WRB 3-136


Case CCC Calendar

LRI Calendar


ASH Review
January 21, 2015

Best of San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
February 4, 2015

Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Update
Weston, FL
March 6-7, 2015

Lung Cancer Course
April 25, 2015


Symposium on Global Cancer Research
March 25, 2015
Boston Sheraton Hotel