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October 28, 2013


Blood Test for Pancreatic Cancer Shows Promise in Early Trial
US News - Oct 25, 2013
Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal tumor types because it's too often diagnosed in a later, advanced stage. But a new study suggests that a simple blood test might help spot the disease earlier...Case Comprehensive Cancer Center member Dr. Smitha Krishnamurthi is an associate professor of medicine in the division of hematology and oncology with University Hospitals Case Medical Center & Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, in Cleveland. She applauded the research, saying that "if pancreatic cancer could be detected at an early stage, more patients would be cured."

Experts Propose Ways to Boost Enrollment in Cancer Trials
Medscape - Oct 25, 2013
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) have joined forces to develop recommendations aimed at increasing the participation of cancer patients in clinical trials. "Participation in clinical trials is the best option for care in many instances, and should be available for all cancer patients," said Neal J. Meropol, MD, Associate Director for Clinical Research at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, and chief of the division of hematology and oncology at University Hospitals Case Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland.

Government Shutdown Over, but Sequestration's Toll Now Taking Effect
ideastream - Oct 23, 2013
As Congress steps back to the negotiating table to work out the nation's budget, a key question between the parties will be whether the automatic spending cuts called sequestration should stay in place. There are those in Cleveland who are watching the debate closely...Behind the scenes, though, distractions are very real to people like Dr. Stan Gerson, whose office is just inside one of the older brick buildings. As director of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, Gerson spent much of the past year calling members of Congress and asking his staff to do the same.

Phase II Study Supports Axitinib Dose Titration in Select Treatment-Naive Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma Patients
ASCO Post - Oct 23, 2013
Axitinib plasma exposure may correlate with efficacy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma, according to population pharmacokinetic data. In a phase II study reported in The Lancet OncologyBrian I. Rini, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic and Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, and colleagues evaluated the effects of axitinib dose titration in patients with previously untreated metastatic renal cell carcinoma. They found a higher response rate in patients receiving dose titration.

Obesity Before Pancreatic Cancer Shortens Survival
Medscape - Oct 21, 2013
Patients with pancreatic cancer who were obese in the years before their diagnosis have reduced survival, according to research published online today in the Journal of Clinical Oncology..."While previous retrospective studies suggested a link between obesity and pancreatic cancer survival, the prospective nature of this study makes the findings more reliable," said Smitha S. Krishnamurthi, MD, from the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, Case Western Reserve University, and UH Seidman Cancer Center, in a press statement. She was not involved with the study, but offered her comments as a member of the Cancer Communications Committee at the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Obesity and Cancer
WVIZ PBS - Oct 21, 2013
Most people know obesity can lead to heart attacks and diabetes, the connection between excess fat and certain cancers is a relatively new area of medical research. Watch the video to hear expert opinions from Case Comprehensive Cancer Center members Dr. Dale Shepard of the Cleveland Clinic and Drs. Kristine Zanotti and Amitabh Chak of University Hospitals Case Medical Center.

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Scientist Wins Prestigious NIH New Innovators Award
Newswise - Oct 21, 2013
Derek Taylor, PhD, a member of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Case Western Reserve University, has been awarded the prestigious New Innovator Award by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The NIH awards this grant to scientists proposing highly innovative approaches to major contemporary challenges in biomedical research, under the agency's High Risk-High Reward program. "Only the absolute top notch scientists compete for this award, which undergoes intense review by leaders at the NIH," stated Stanton Gerson, MD, Asa and Patricia Shiverick- Jane Shiverick (Tripp) Professor of Hematological Oncology, director of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and director of the Seidman Cancer Center at UH Case Medical Center.

How Cancer Centers Are Coping with the Government Shutdown
Oncology Times - Oct 15, 2013
The government shutdown happened "right at the turn of the calendar, so new grant submissions are problematic," said Stan Gerson, MD, Director of the NCI-designated Case Comprehensive Cancer Center of Case Western University and University Hospitals Case Medical Center Seidman Cancer Center. "There's no feedback or engagement, so it has slowed down the review process."


Case Comprehensive Cancer Center Call for Applications

The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center has released the following pilot grant funding opportunities:

  • Pilot Grants: Opportunities for Developing Patient-Derived Xenografts will support the development of patient-derived tumor xenografts (PDX) that will benefit collaborative, multi-investigator projects within the Cancer Center. This RFA is open to all Cancer Center members, regardless of institution.
    Deadline: November 15
  • Pilot Grants: Use of Tumor Genomic Evaluation for Clinical Decision-Making will provide seed money to foster collaborations and promote and increase institution-wide capacity and competitiveness in the use of tumor genomic evaluation for clinical decision-making. Case CCC members with faculty appointment at all levels (eligible to apply for independent nationally competitive research grants) are encouraged to apply. Proposals from both junior and senior investigators are encouraged. Research proposals must involve patients and/or their tissues.
    Deadline: December 2
  • Pilot Grants: Planning for Multi-Investigator Proposals will provide funding to further the important goal of facilitating successful applications for large multi-investigator grants (e.g., P01, P50, U54) in the current funding cycle. Applicants must demonstrate they are in communication with appropriate NIH administration, other structures within NIH, or other funding agencies (e.g., formal invitation, preparatory meeting, LOI and/or positive response to RFA or PA). Applicants must be Cancer Center members with faculty appointments, demonstrate intent to apply for national funding within a defined timeline, and describe new research that could not be achieved without the collaboration.
    Deadline: Open

Ohio Brain Tumor SPORE Working Group

The Ohio Brain Tumor SPORE Working Group is accepting applications for the following opportunities:

  • In preparation for an Ohio NIH P50 Brain Tumor SPORE Application, by CWRU, Case CCC, Cleveland Clinic and Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, all faculty members at these institutions are invited to submit proposals for Ohio Brain Tumor SPORE Working Group Pilot Grants to be funded by the NIH and the Institutions. Note that a pilot SPORE project must be directed toward translational research relative to Brain Tumors.
    Deadline: December 16
  • The Ohio Brain Tumor SPORE Working Group and participating institutions including CWRU, Case CCC, Cleveland Clinic and Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, will begin funding a new Career Development Scholars Training Program in the upcoming academic year, 2014-2015. This program is designed to support research training leading to independent careers in translational Brain Tumor research.
    Deadline: December 23

AACR Basic Cancer Research Fellowships

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Basic Cancer Research Fellowships are open to postdoctoral and clinical research fellows working at an academic, medical, or research institution who will be in the first, second, or third year of their postdoctoral training at the start of the grant term. The research proposed for funding may be in any area of basic cancer research.
LOI Deadline: October 30

A Survivorship Action Partnership – United States of America

The Movember Foundation and the Live Strong Foundation are partnering to to establish A Survivorship Action Partnership – United States of America (ASAP USA) as a collaborative network that will develop and implement an agreed set of interventions that together will have a strong likelihood of improving the lives of prostate cancer survivors in the United States. The focus of ASAP USA for the first three years will be interventions that can be implemented widely across the United States leveraging technology and telehealth. ASAP USA will have an agreed leadership and management structure and commit to knowledge sharing across the sector. 

ASAP USA will be established through a two-step process. The first is a Request for Proposals inviting organizations and institutions with relevant experience in care and technology or telehealth to participate in ASAP USA. Selected members must understand and agree that they will be required to collaborate and work with a number of other selected members to design and implement ASAP interventions making up the Final Proposal.

In the second step selected members will be invited to form ASAP USA and develop a Final Proposal that details: a set of interventions in accordance with the ASAP requirements; and a leadership and management structure to implement the ASAP interventions. Movember will facilitate this process and provide appropriate funding to assist selected members collaboratively develop the Final Proposal. Annexure 2 details the process and criteria that will be used in relation to Final Proposal.
Deadline: November 13

International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer Fellowship and Young Investigators Programs

The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer is proud to announce the annual IASLC Fellowship and Young Investigators Programs. The Prevent Cancer Foundation will jointly sponsor awards focused on lung cancer prevention and translational research, supported through educational grants from Eli Lilly. Additional unrestricted awards in any field of lung cancer research are supported by educational grants from Amgen, Genentech, Celgene, Merck KGaA, Eli Lilly, the IASLC and other sponsors. The goal is to reward scientific excellence and to encourage innovative research in lung cancer prevention and translational medicine. 
Deadline: January 16, 2014

Radiological Society of North America

The Radiological Society of North America is accepting applications for the following funding opportunities:

  • Research Seed Grants enable all levels of investigators throughout the world in defining objectives and testing hypotheses in preparation of major grant applications to corporations, foundations, and governmental agencies. The seed data from these projects will indicate feasibility and appropriateness of the research prior to applying for funds from other agencies.
    Deadline: January 15, 2014
  • Research Medical Student Grants increase the opportunities for medical students to have a research experience in medical imaging and to encourage them to consider academic radiology as an important option for their future. Recipients will gain experience in defining objectives, developing research skills and testing hypotheses before making their final choices for residency training programs. Students are expected to undertake a research project requiring full time efforts for at least 10 weeks under the guidance of a scientific advisor during personal/vacation time or during a research elective approved by their medical school.
    Deadline: February 1, 2014


Pancreatic Cancer Action Network-AACR Career Development Awards
Application Deadline: October 29

Doris Duke Clinical Scientist Development Award
Pre-proposal Deadline: October 31
Application Deadline: February 25, 2014

Limited Submission Reminder: NIH Director's Early Independence Awards
LOI Internal Deadline: October 31
LOI External Deadline: December 31
Application Deadline: January 31, 2014

Fourth Annual DeGregorio Foundation Award for Cancers of the Upper GI Tract
Deadline: October 31

GI SPORE Scholars Training Program
Deadline: October 31

American Society of Hematology
Deadline: November 1

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Investigators in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease Awards
Deadline: November 1

2013 Movember-Prostate Cancer Foundation Challenge Award
Deadline: November 6

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C)-Farrah Fawcett Foundation Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Translational Research Team Grant
Deadline: November 6

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C)-Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Convergence Dream Team Translational Research Grant
Deadline: November 7

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Innovation Awards
LOI Deadline: November 11
Application Deadline: March 3, 2014

Prostate Cancer Foundation 2014 Young Investigator Award
Deadline: November 13

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellows
Deadline: November 13

Melanoma Research Alliance Young Investigator Awards
Proposal Deadline: November 13

Melanoma Research Alliance Established Investigator Academic-Industry Partnership Awards
Proposal Deadline: November 13

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Innovation in Regulatory Science Award
Deadline: November 18

Caring for Carcinoid Foundation-AACR Grant for Carcinoid Tumor and Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor Research
Application Deadline: November 19

Kure It-AACR Grant for Kidney Cancer Research
Application Deadline: November 19

Sidney Kimmel Foundation Scholar Award
Deadline: December 4

Sidney Kimmel Foundation Translational Science Award
Deadline: December 4

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Epidemiology Grants
Deadline: December 16

Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Medical Student Rotation for Underrepresented Populations
Deadline: December 17

Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Resident Travel Award for Underrepresented Populations (RTA)
Deadline: December 17

DOD Breast Cancer Research Program Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
Pre-Application Deadline: December 19
Application Deadline: January 9, 2014

2014 CTSC Annual Pilot Grant Funding
Deadline: January 15, 2014

AACI Translational Cancer Research Fellowships
Deadline: February 3, 2014

Translational Technology Concept Studies of Circulating Tumor and Endothelial Cells (CTC/CEC)
Deadline: Open

AACR Scholar-in-Training Awards - Other Conferences and Meetings
Deadline: Open

International Union Against Cancer (UICC) International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowships
Application Deadline: Open

International Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF) Research Grant Program
Application Deadline: Open

Solving Kids' Cancer Therapeutic Development Initiative
Application Deadline: Open

NIH BULLETIN – Notices and Funding Opportunities

Research on Malignancies in the Context of HIV/AIDS (R01)(PA-13-377)

Research on Malignancies in the Context of HIV/AIDS (R21)(PA-13-378)

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October 28

Pathology Research Seminar Series
Jerry Silver, PhD
Professor, Neurosciences
Topic: Functional Regeneration Beyond the Glial Scar
12 pm WRB 1-413

Cell Biology Program Special Seminar
Tao Tao, PhD
Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology
Dean, Graduate School, School of Life Sciences
Xiamen University
Topic: Nucleocytoplasmic Transport of the Homeodomain Transcription Repressor, Arx, in Health and Disease
4 pm Rottman Room, Wood 203

Physiology and Biophysics Seminar
Lisa M. Ellerby, PhD
Associate Professor
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Topic: What Can Stem Cells Tell us About Huntington's Disease
4 pm SOM E-501

October 29

Radiation Oncology Grand Rounds
David Rowe, MD
Assistant Professor, Plastic Surgery
Medical Director, Bedford Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center
Topic: The Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen in Radiation Induced Injury
8:10 am Lerner Tower B-181

Molecular Genetics Departmental Seminar
Saurabh Chattopadhyay, PhD
Project Staff, Sen lab, Molecular Genetics
CWRU/Cleveland Clinic
Topic: RIPA: A Novel Antiviral Arm of IRF-3
9:30 am NE1-205 Cleveland Clinic

Medicine Grand Rounds
Gerald Dorn, II, MD
Associate Chair for Translational Research
Director, Center for Pharmacogenomics
Washington University
Topic: How Genomics is Altering Our Understanding of Cardiomyopathy
12 pm Kulas Auditorium

Immunology Seminar Series
Arthur Weiss, MD, PhD
Senior Principal Investigator, Rheumatology
University of California, San Francisco
Topic: Controlling T Cell Receptor Signaling
12 pm BRB 105

Lerner Research Institute Seminar 
Dennis Peterson, PhD
Professor, Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacology
Director, Mass Spectrometry Core Facility
University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus
Topic: Ethanol-induced Modifications of Hepatocellular Proteins: Implications and Interpretations
4 pm NA5-03 Cleveland Clinic

October 30

Hematology and Oncology Research Conference
Elizabeth Weinstein, MD, MS 
Medical Director, Supportive Oncology
Topic: Pain Management Part II and Select Non-Pain Symptoms
8 am Lerner B-151

Genetics and Genome Sciences
Steven Henikoff, PhD
Member, Basic Sciences Division
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Topic: Histone Variants, Nucleosome Dynamics and Epigenetics
11 am BRB 105

Immunology Seminar
Donny Licatalosi, PhD
Assistant Professor, Center for RNA Molecular Biology
Topic: Global Analyses of RNA-binding Proteins in Mammalian Development
12 pm NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

October 31

Molecular Genetics Guest Speaker
Sailen Barik, PhD
Director, Center for Gene Regulation in Health and Disease
Cleveland State University
Topic: Host IRF3 Loves an Intracellular Parasite: A Haunting Story for Halloween
9:30 am NE1-205 Cleveland Clinic

Immunology Journal Club
Mausita Karmakar
Graduate Student, Pearlman lab, Immunology
Topic: An Interleukin-17-mediatd Paracrine Network Promotes Tumor Resistance to Anti-angiogenic Therapy
12 pm WRB 5-136

Stem Cell Biology Seminar 
Alex Huang, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Pediatrics, Pathology & Biomedical Engineering
Topic: Visualize Tissue Responses to Inflammation in the Bone Marrow and CNS
1 pm NE1-205 Cleveland Clinic

November 1

Cancer Center Seminar Series canceled

Cancer Center Research in Progress canceled

National GvHD Health Symposium
Embassy Suites Cleveland-Rockside
Pre-registration required

Hematology/Oncology Fellows Conference/Curriculum Series
Topic: TBD
8 am Wearn 137/Breen Conference Rm.

Taussig Cancer Institute Grand Rounds
Isabel Schuermeyer, MD
Director, Psycho-Oncology
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Updates in Psycho-Oncology
8 am R3/002-003 Cleveland Clinic

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13th Annual Multidisciplinary Genitourinary Oncology Course
November 19
InterContinental Hotel & Bank of America Conference Center