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March 5, 2012

Date Released: 5 March 2012
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Cleveland-based Hospital Invents New Procedure to Help Cancer - Mar 2, 2012
Dr. David Prologo is an Interventional Radiologist at the Seidman Cancer Center. He said he feels very proud to be a part of something so important to a ...

New Health Data from Cleveland Neighborhoods on Obesity, Hypertension and Diabetes - March 1, 2012
We are committed to ongoing data collection to show how 'place matters' - where you live makes a difference," says Elaine Borawski, PhD, the Angela Bowen ...


Cancer Center Seminar Series: Imaging Protease Activity in Cancer and Inflammation

Friday, March 9
12 pm
BRB 105

Please join us March 9 for the next Cancer Center Seminar Series where Dr. Matthew Bogyo, Associate Professor of Pathology at Stanford University, will present Imaging Protease Activity in Cancer and Inflammation.

Dr. Bogyo's interests are focused on the use of chemistry to study the role of proteases in human disease. In particular his laboratory is currently working on understanding the role of cysteine proteases in tumorgenesis and also in the life cycle of the human parasites, Plasmodium falciparum and Toxoplasma gondii.

NCI Office of Cancer Centers Learning Series Webinar: The Clinical Assay Development Program – A Resource for Assay Validation

The NCI Office of Cancer Centers Learning Series is offering a free webinar March 13, from 2-3 pm. Register today to learn more about the Clinical Assay Development Program, including eligibility and application requirements and available resources for those who are accepted.

Cancer Cell Signaling Program Meeting of the Cytokine Signaling, Inflammation, and Cancer Focus Group

Drs. Xiaoxia Li and George Stark wish to invite you to the Cancer Cell Signaling Program meeting of the Cytokine Signaling, Inflammation, and Cancer Focus Group on March 13. We will provide snacks and an atmosphere that is conducive to collegial discussion and interaction. The meeting will be held at The College Club of Cleveland from 3-5 pm.

Presentations include:

  • Role of IKKalpha in skin and lung squamous cell carcinomas
    Yinling Hu, PhD, Laboratory of Experimental Immunology, Head, Inflammation and Tumorigenesis Section, Investigator, NCI-Frederick
  • Mechanisms of NFκB activation and function in lung cancer
    George R. Stark, PhD, Staff, Distinguished Scientist of the Lerner Research Institute and Emeritus Professor of Genetics, Case Western Reserve University

Please respond to Tracy Rehl by Thursday, March 8 if you plan to attend.

Ethical Internet Research: Informed Consent Regulations and Realities

The CWRU Office of Research Compliance is offering a webinar, Ethical Internet Research: Informed Consent Regulations and Realities, on March 15 from 1-2:30 pm.

The goal of this webinar is to explore the application of the regulations to research conducted via the internet. This webinar will be of interest to anyone involved with internet research in either the biomedical or social and behavioral contexts. Register today.

Grant Writing and Reviewing Workshop

A grant writing and reviewing workshop will be offered March 29 in the Wolstein Research Building Auditorium. Alan L. Willard, PhD, Deputy Director of the Division of Extramural Research for NIH/NINDS, will give two presentations:

10 am - 12 pm
Writing and Reviewing Grants: Negotiating the NIH Grant System

1-2 pm
Job Opportunities in Health Research Administration at the NINDS

Registration is not necessary for this event.

Case CCC Clinical Research Retreat

There will be a Case CCC Clinical Research Retreat on April 4 in the Dively Building. An opening reception will start at 5:30 pm, followed by dinner and presentations from 6-8:30 pm.

The agenda will focus on new initiatives of critical importance to clinical investigators. Topics will include:

  • Description of our new N01 Consortium that provides opportunities to access investigational agents from NCI and conduct multicenter trials;
  • Discussion of the Cancer IRB transition;
  • Enhancements of clinical research operations, policies, and procedures;
  • NIH regulations regarding clinical trial registration- PI responsibilities.

Everyone interested in clinical trials is welcome to attend.Pre-registration is required. Seating is limited, so registertoday. Contact Katarzyna Karelus or Dana Rose with any questions.

Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network (Ca-PRI) Meeting

The 2012 Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network (Ca-PRI) meeting will be held June 5-7 in Cleveland, Ohio. It is shaping up to be a fabulous meeting, and you are encouraged to attend. A good number of abstracts have already been submitted, but the deadline to submit an abstract has been extended to March 20 to allow everyone who would like to submit an abstract the opportunity to do so.

Highlights of the meeting this year include:

  • Key-note addresses from leaders in the field of primary care and cancer
  • Ample opportunities for networking
  • More slots for oral presentations
  • The popular brief presentation format for posters
  • Dinner at the Cleveland Botanical Garden
  • Optional visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Museum of Art

Please plan on attending this meeting, and help to make this 5th meeting of the Ca-PRI Network a great success. If you would like any further information, please contact Christine Rhoads or Jan Bunyan.


Specialized Program of Research Excellence in Gastrointestinal Malignancies (GI SPORE)

All Faculty members are invited to submit outlines for pilot projects to be funded by the NIH P50 GI SPORE. Proposals must be submitted through CTSC Webgrants. Please note that a SPORE project must be directed toward translational research of a GI malignancy. At least one specific aim should involve either direct patient contact or the study of patient derived tissue samples.

More information on grant application is available at or through John Pounardjian,, 368-1976. Information is also posted on the CWRU GI SPORE website.

Deadline: April 2

Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program Investigator-Initiated Research Award

Applications for the Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP) are being solicited by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Defense Health Program. The PRMRP Investigator-Initiated Research Award (IIRA) is intended to support studies that will make an important contribution toward research and/or patient care for a disease or condition related to at least one of the Congressionally directed FY12 PRMRP topic areas.

Pre-Application Deadline: April 10
Application Deadline: July 31

Ovarian Cancer Research Program

Applications for the Ovarian Cancer Research Program (OCRP) are being solicited by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Defense Health Program:

  • The Ovarian Cancer Academy Award is soliciting additional Early-Career Investigators to join the existing Ovarian Cancer Academy. The Academy, which was initially created in FY09, is intended to be a unique, interactive virtual academy providing intensive mentoring, national networking, and a peer group for junior faculty. The overarching goal of the Ovarian Cancer Academy is to develop successful, highly productive ovarian cancer researchers in a collaborative research training environment.
    Pre-Application Deadline: April 17
    Application Deadline: July 18
  • The OCRP Pilot Award supports conceptually innovative, high-risk/high-reward research that could ultimately lead to critical discoveries or major advancements that will drive the field of ovarian cancer research forward. The proposed research should include a testable hypothesis based on strong scientific rationale and serve a catalyst to expand or modify current thinking about and/or approaches in ovarian cancer research.
    Pre-Application Deadline: April 9
    Application Deadline: July 18
  • The OCRP Synergistic Translational Leverage Awardmechanism supports the partnership between two PIs who will leverage existing human-based ovarian cancer resources in translational research to address high-impact research ideas or unmet needs in ovarian cancer.
    Pre-Application Deadline: April 17
    Application Deadline: July 18
  • The OCRP Teal Innovator Award supports a visionary individual from any field principally outside of, but not exclusive of, ovarian cancer to focus his/her creativity, innovation, and leadership on ovarian cancer research. The Teal Innovator Award will provide the PI with the funding and freedom to pursue his/her most novel, visionary, high-risk ideas that could significantly impact the field of ovarian cancer research or patient care.
    Pre-Application Deadline: April 17
    Application Deadline: July 18



**All events are open to anyone interested in attending

March 5

Physiology and Biophysics Seminar
Julie Theriot, PhD
Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Microbiology & Immunology
Stanford University
Topic: Mechanics and Dynamics of Cell Motility
4 pm SOM E501

Cancer Imaging Program Meeting
Jerry Saidel, PhD
Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Topic: Modeling of Cell Population Dynamics Including Differentiation, Proliferation, and Migration to Quantitatively Evaluate Potential Mechanisms
4:30 pm Wearn B37

March 6

Cancer Biology Prostate Cancer Endowed Chair Candidate Seminar
Natasha Kyprianou, PhD
James F. Hardymon Chair in Urologic Research
University of Kentucky Medical Center
Topic: Targeting Anoikis Resistance and EMT in Prostate Cancer Progression
11 am NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences and Pathology Seminar
Robert Hendricks, PhD
Professor, Ophthalmology, Immunology, and Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
University of Pittsburgh
Topic: Shaping the CD8 TCR Repertoire in HSV-1 Latently Infected Trigeminal Ganglia
12 pm WRB 1-413

Pharmacology Seminar
Dean Tang, PhD
Professor, Molecular Carcinogenesis
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Topic: Elucidating the Cellular Heterogeneity of Prostate Cancer
12 pm SOM W331

March 7

Hematology and Oncology Division Research Conference
Neal Meropol, MD
Professor and Chief, Div. of Hem/Onc
Topic: TBD
8 am Lerner Tower B-151

Center for Translational Neuroscience
Akiko Nishiyama, MD, PhD
Professor, Physiology and Neurobiology
University of Connecticut
Topic: Age-dependent Lineage Plasticity of NG2 Glial Progenitor Cells in the Brain
11 am SOM E501

Immunology Students/Fellows Research in Progress Seminar Series
Anton Gorbachev, PhD
Instructor, Immunology
CWRU/Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Modulation of Tumor-Reactive T Cell Activation by CXCR3 Chemokines CXCL9 and CXCL10
Zizhen Kang, PhD
Research Associate, Li Lab
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Amplification of IL-25 Loop in Epithelium is Critical for Helminth Expulsion
12 pm NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

March 8

Chair of Cancer Biology Candidate Seminar
Erik Knudsen, PhD
Professor, Cancer Biology
Thomas Jefferson University
Topic: The RB-pathway in Translation: Influence on Breast Cancer Treatment
11 am NE1-205 Cleveland Clinic

Molecular Biology and Microbiology Seminar
Kenneth Yan
Rich Lab, Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Instructive Cues in Glioblastoma Hierarchies
David Schonberg, PhD
Rich Lab, Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Iron Metabolism Instructs Glioblastoma Stem Cell Maintenance
1 pm SOM W203

Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine Seminar
Akiko Nishiyama, MD, PhD
Professor, Physiology and Neurobiology
University of Connecticut
Topic: Genetic Fate Analysis of NG2 Glial Progenitor Cells (Polydendrocytes) in the Normal and Pathological Brain
1 pm NE1-205 Cleveland Clinic

March 9

Hematology/Oncology Fellows
Rami Manochakian, MD
Fellow, Div. of Hem/Onc
Topic: Adjuvant Therapy in Pancreatic Cancer
8 am Wearn 137

Taussig Cancer Institute Grand Rounds
Matthew Ellis, MB, BChir, PhD
Professor, Medicine- Oncology
Chief, Section of Breast Oncology
Washington University/Siteman Cancer Center
Topic: Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer: Where Next?
8 am R3/002-003 Cleveland Clinic

Cancer Center Seminar Series
Matthew Bogyo, PhD
Associate Professor, Pathology
Stanford University
Topic: Imaging Protease Activity in Cancer and Inflammation
12 pm BRB 105

Cancer Center Research in Progress Seminar
Michael C. Weis
Jaccoberger Lab, Div. of General Medical Sciences- Oncology
Topic: Mathematical Modeling of the Cell Cycle
4 pm WRB 3-136

Case CCC Calendar

LRI Calendar


Ca-PRI Annual Meeting: Learning from Our Differences
June 5-7 InterContinental Hotel


NCI Second Symposium on Translational Genomics
March 15-16
NIH, Bethesda, Maryland

Midwest Blood Club Symposium
March 15-16
Indiana University School of Medicine

Sternlicht Memorial Lectureship in Cancer Biology and Pharmacology
March 22
Gordon Shore, PhD
Professor, Biochemistry
McGill University
Topic: Targeting Mcl-1 for Synthetic Lethality in Cancer Therapy
4 pm WRB 1-413

Department of Biomedical Engineering Special Seminar
May 3
Steve Zullo, PhD
Program Director, Division of Discovery Science and Technology
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, NIH
Topic: NIH Grant Machine Revealed, Not a Black Box Anymore
12 pm Wickenden 509


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: Building Evidence for Decision-Making
Mandatory LOI Deadline: March 6
Application Deadline: March 27

Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF)
Deadline: March 12

James S. McDonnell Foundation Research Award in Brain Cancer Research
Deadline: March 14

James S. McDonnell Foundation Scholar Awards in Complex Systems Science
Deadline: March 14

Alex's Lemonade Stand Pediatric Oncology Student Training (POST) Program
Deadline: March 15

Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Fellowship Award
Deadline: March 15

Damon Runyon-Sohn Pediatric Cancer Fellowship Award
Deadline: March 15

American Society of Hematology(ASH) Trainee Research Award
Deadline: March 16

Prostate Cancer Foundation-Honorable A. David Mazzone Special Challenge Award Research Program 2012
Deadline: March 16

American Legacy Foundation Sybil G. Jacobs Award for Outstanding Use of Tobacco Industry Documents
Deadline: March 23

American Legacy Foundation Christine O. Gregoire Youth/Young Adult Award for Outstanding Use of Tobacco Industry Documents
Deadline: March 23

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation 2012 Senior Research Award Program
Deadline: March 27

National CENter for ReGenerAtive Medicine UnderGraduate StudEnt (ENGAGE) Summer Program
Deadline: March 30

Irvington Institute Fellowship Program
Deadline: April 1

American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowships
Deadline: April 1

Clinical and Translational Informatics Funding Opportunity
Deadline: April 2

DAISY Foundation 2012 Patient Care Research Grant Program for Nurses
LOI Deadline: April 2
Application Deadline: June 8

DOD Breast Cancer Research Program Postdoctoral Fellowship Award
Pre-Application Deadline: April 5
Application Deadline: April 19

DOD Breast Cancer Research Program Era of Hope Award
Pre-Application Deadline: April 5
Application Deadline: April 19

DOD Breast Cancer Research Program Idea Award Award
Pre-Application Deadline: April 26
Application Deadline: August 15

American Nurses Foundation Nursing Research Grants
Deadline: May 1

DOD Breast Cancer Research Program Impact Award
Pre-Application Deadline: May 3
Application Deadline: August 15

DOD Breast Cancer Research Program Innovator Award Award Award
Pre-Application Deadline: May 3
Application Deadline: August 2

DOD Breast Cancer Research Program Clinical Translational Research Award
Pre-Application Deadline: May 3
Application Deadline: August 15

DOD Breast Cancer Research Program Transformative Vision Award
Pre-Application Deadline: May 3
Application: August 15

Translational Technology Concept Studies of Circulating Tumor and Endothelial Cells (CTC/CEC)
Deadline: Open

AACR Scholar-in-Training Awards - Other Conferences and Meetings
Deadline: Open

Case CCC Protocol Specific Research Support (PSRS)
Deadline: Open

International Union Against Cancer (UICC) International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowships
Application Deadline: Open

International Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia Foundation (IWMF) Research Grant Program
Application Deadline: Open

SAIC-Frederick Support of the Cancer Genome Atlas Program
Application Deadline: Open

Solving Kids' Cancer Therapeutic Development Initiative
Application Deadline: Open

NCI Short-Term Scientist Exchange Program
Application Deadline: Open

NIH BULLETIN – Notices and Funding Opportunities

NIH Fiscal Policy for Grant Awards- FY 2012 (NOT-OD-12-036)

Infrastructure Development Program in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR)(R24)(PA-12-114 )

Identifying Non-coding RNA Targets for Cancer Early Detection and Prevention (R01)(PA-09-199)

AHRQ Mentored Career Enhancement Award in Patient Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) for Mid-Career and Senior Investigators (K18)(PAR-12-115)

Notice of Response Date Extension for Request for Information (RFI): Updating the National Institutes of Health Research Plan on Fragile X Syndrome and Associated Disorders (NOT-HD-12-012)(NOT-HD-12-015)

Small Business Alzheimer's Disease Research (SBIR[R43/R44])(RFA-OD-12-003)

Small Business Alzheimer's Disease Research (STTR[R41/R42])(RFA-OD-12-004)

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research -- Dissemination by Health Professionals Associations (PCOR-DHPA)(R18)(RFA-HS-12-006)

Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Stipends, Tuition/Fees and Other Budgetary Levels Effective for Fiscal Year 2012 (NOT-OD-12-033)

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