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February 7, 2011

Date Released: 7 February 2011


Gold Nanoparticles 'Make Anti-cancer Drugs More Effective'
Daily News & Analysis - Feb 6, 2011
"We hope to lower the dosage by at least a factor of 10," said Clemens Burda, a professor of chemistry at Case Western Reserve University and senior author ...

Running a Cancer Roadblock
US News & World Report - Feb 4, 2011
... of the body is one of the main reasons cancer kills, says Khalid Sossey-Alaoui, a cancer biologist at the Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute. ...

Health Highlights: Gene Test May Someday Improve Prostate Cancer Treatment
BusinessWeek - Feb 4, 2011
"It's early still but it's pretty exciting," Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Eric Klein told the AP. "This is a step in the right direction, without question. ...

New Clinical Trial to Determine Ovarian Cancer Risks in African-American Women
EurekAlert (press release) - Feb 1, 2011
... treat, and assess both environmental and genetic risk factors in African American women," said Jill S. Barnholtz-Sloan, PhD, the study's principal ...said Steven Waggoner, MD, co-primary investigator on the study, Chief of Gynecologic Oncology at UH Case Medical Center and Associate Professor at Case ...

Brain Tumor Surgery
KIMT - Feb 1, 2011
Neurosurgeon, Gene Barnett, MD says, "It should make us better able to remove brain tumors, get better long term results and do it in as safe as possible ...


Please join us in welcoming the newest members of the Case CCC:

Shideng Bao, PhD
Normal and Neoplastic Stem Cells Program

Brian Gastman, MD
GU Malignancies Program

Meg Gerstenblith, MD
Cancer Genetics Program

Mei Zhang, PhD
Developmental Therapeutics Program


Cancer Center Seminar Series: Image Guided Drug Delivery in Cancer Therapy

Friday, February 11
12-1 pm
Frohring Auditorium - BRB 105

Please join us Friday, February 11 at the next Cancer Center Seminar Series featuring Agata Exner, PhD. Dr. Exner, Associate Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering at CWRU, will present Image Guided Drug Delivery in Cancer Therapy.

Dr. Exner is an innovator in the fields of drug delivery and image guided intervention leading an inter-disciplinary team of researchers at the Case Center for Imaging Research. Her research focuses on development of minimally invasive drug delivery approaches to cancer management, and is primarily supported by the NCI and National Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering. Dr. Exner received her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from CWRU.

The Exner Laboratory for Image Guided Therapeutics has been working in the area of image-guided drug delivery since its inception in 2003. Their efforts have resulted in several techniques for noninvasive characterization and modulation of drug delivery on a broad scale, from in situ forming implants to multifunctional nanoparticles. They currently have two primary collaborative projects. The first focuses on exploring the use of ultrasound to develop a comprehensive image-guidance approach for the development and application of in situ forming implants for intratumoral chemotherapy delivery. The second project engineers ultrasound contrast agents on the nano-scale for ultrasound-guided delivery of a bioactive agent for cancer hyperthermia treatment.

Cell Death Regulation Program Meeting

The leaders of the Case CCC Cell Death Regulation Program (Program 2) invite you to this month's program research meeting Thursday, February 10 from 4-6 pm in WRB 3-136. This month's meeting will focus on autophagy.


  • Brain Rubin, MD, PhD- Associate Professor, Anatomic Pathology, Molecular Genetics, CWRU/Cleveland Clinic
  • Clark Distelhorst, MD- Professor, Medicine-Hem/Onc, Pharmacology, CWRU/UH
  • Nancy Oleinick, PhD- Professor, Radiation Oncology, CWRU/UH

Refreshments will be provided and parking validated. Please contact Kristin Waite with any questions.

Integrated Genomics Shared Resource (IGSR) Lecture

As part of its planned vigorous outreach program, the Cancer Center's newly formed Integrated Genomics Shared Resource (IGSR) will host a talk by speaker Mark Adams, PhD on RNA-SequencingTuesday, February 15 at 2 pm in BRB 105. This promises to be a highly informative lecture and should interest anyone who is curious about or contemplating projects involving quantitation of mRNA, miRNA, snRNA etc using the latest deep sequencing technologies. Dr Adams' address will be broad, covering such topics as: the challenges, technical limitations, cost, data storage and analysis.

For further information on this and other upcoming IGSR-sponsored presentations, please contact Patrick Leahy, Scientific Coordinator, Integrated Genomics Shared resource (ISGR) at 368-0761 or

Is Cancer Curable?

Drs. Stan Gerson and Derek Raghavan will discuss cancer treatment at the upcoming Is Cancer CurableFebruary 17at the Executive Caterers Corporate Club. The event is part of the monthly television series of Corporate Club Luncheon Programs dealing with issues that impact the lives of people in Northeastern Ohio. The program will begin with an interview session by WKYC TV-3 Medical Reporter Monica Robbins, and will conclude with audience questions. Lunch is included in the cost of registration.

Details and registration information are available on theExecutive Caterers Corporate Club website.

Fourth Annual Translational to Clinical (T2C) Wound Care Conference

The Fourth Annual Translational to Clinical (T2C) Wound Care Conference will be held April 8-9 at the Ohio State University Ohio Union in Columbus. The conference features lectures by top experts from throughout the country who discuss stem and progenitor cells, contrast tissue regeneration with repair, and describe the latest advances in wound care. Dr. Christopher Lengner from the Whitehead Institute at MIT will present the Regenerative Medicine Distinguished Lecture on iPS Technology in Regenerative Medicine.

Graduate students, MD/PhD students, medical students, postdoctoral trainees, clinical residents or fellows, and undergraduate students enrolled in training programs are invited to participate in the conference poster session. Research should address tissue injury, repair and inflammation related to all organs. The early-bird deadline for submissions is February 15. Students and fellows who submit abstracts by the early bird deadline will be recognized with a registration fee waiver. All submitted abstracts will be discussed in a poster session that will be judged by a panel of national experts. Best poster awards will be given in the following categories: undergraduate, graduate, medical student, resident and clinical fellow, postdoctoral fellow and assistant-professor-rank faculty.

Case CCC Annual Scientific Retreat

The Case CCC Annual Scientific Retreat will be July 8-9, 2011. Further details will be released in the coming months.


Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF)

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) seeks proposals for the following funding opportunities:

2011 Senior Research Award Program, an initiative supporting researchers who have more than five years experience in blood cancer research. The goal of this initiative is to accelerate the development of therapeutic approaches for myeloma.

Deadline: February 15

2011 Research Fellow Award Program, an initiative supporting researchers with less than five years experience (post highest degree obtained, doctorate or equivalent) working under the supervision of a research mentor in the multiple myeloma field. The goal of this initiative is to help support young investigators studying in the field of multiple myeloma while advancing the understanding of myeloma disease biology, treatment and drug resistance.

Deadline: March 29

Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO

The Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO is accepting applications for the following opportunities:

ASCO Medical Student Rotation
The ASCO Medical Student Rotation, funded by Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, provides 8- to 10-week clinical or clinical research rotations for US medical students from populations underrepresented in medicine who are interested in pursuing oncology as a career. To qualify, applicants must be enrolled in a DO or MD US medical school program and be of an underrepresented population as defined by the program eligibility criteria. Candidates must be US citizens, US nationals, or permanent residents. Candidates must also demonstrate an interest in pursuing oncology as a career and have a record of good academic standing.

Deadline: February 21

ASCO Resident Travel Award
The ASCO Resident Travel Award, funded by Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, provides financial support for residents from underrepresented populations to attend ASCO's Annual Meeting. The intention of this award is to attract residents from underrepresented populations to a possible career in one of the oncology specialties. This travel award will allow the recipients to travel to the ASCO Annual Scientific Meeting, where they will have an opportunity to meet oncologists and to understand the career possibilities in the is area. To qualify, applicants must be enrolled in an ACGME-accredited residency program required for future training in a cancer related subspecialty (i.e. Internal Medicine considering Med/Onc, Surgery considering Surg/Onc) and be of an underrepresented population as defined by the program eligibility criteria. Candidates must be US citizens, US nationals or permanent residents. Candidates must demonstrate an interest in pursuing oncology as a career as well as a record of good academic standing.

Deadline: February 21


Case CCC Members Named AAAS Fellows

In December 2010, 503 individuals were elected as Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The Case CCC is honored to have two members recognized for their contributions to science and technology:Dr. Thomas Hamilton for the Medical Sciences, and and Dr. James Anderson for Engineering. In addition, Dr. Eileen White, who has served on the Case CCC External Advisory Board since 2009, was also recognized for her work in the Medical Sciences. Congratulations to all!

Mark Smith Memorial Service

An on-campus memorial service for Mark A. Smith, PhD, professor of pathology, is scheduled for Monday, February 14 at 5:15 pm. The service will be held in the Amasa Stone Chapel at 10940 Euclid Avenue (Euclid Avenue just west of Adelbert Road). A reception will follow in the first floor of Crawford Hall. For questions or additional information, please contact: Kathy Malone at 368-3109 or or Barbara Nicol at 368-5515 or

NASA Space Radiation Summer School

Applications are now being accepted for the NASA Space Radiation Summer School, June 6–24. This program is designed for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty with an interest in radiation biology. Both foreign nationals and US citizens may apply to the program. All selected students must satisfy Brookhaven National Laboratory safety and security requirements in order to be admitted. In addition, due to the intense nature of the three-week course, selected students must possess oral and written proficiency in the English language.

Deadline: February 13

iMedRIS Training

New cancer research protocols requiring IRB review will be submitted, reviewed and stored electronically using the Case Cancer IRB electronic, web-based submission and review database provided by iMedRIS™ Data Corporation.

Part 4 (How to Respond to Stipulations) and Part 5 (How to submit Amendments) of the iMedRIS™ training sessions will be offered through February. All interactive training will be accessible online using Adobe Acrobat Connect and telephone conference line and can be accessed at personal workstations.

For more information or to download training guides, please visit the iRIS Training Page. To register, please contactMariesa Malinowski or Mark Tennant.





**All events are open to anyone interested in attending

February 7

Physiology and Biophysics Seminar canceled

Pathology Seminar
Barbara Bedogni, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Topic: Notch and ERBB Signaling Cross-Talk in Melanoma
12 pm WRB 1413

February 8

Cancer Biology Seminar
Ichiro Nakano, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Neurological Surgery
Ohio State University
Topic: Therapeutic Development Targeting Glioblastoma Stem Cells
11 am NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

Taussig Cancer Institute Core Curriculum Series
Topic: Bioethics
12 pm R3-002 Cleveland Clinic

February 9

Hematology and Oncology Division Research Conference
Neal Meropol, MD
Professor, Medicine-Hematology/Oncology
Topic: Use of Genomics to Select Treatment for Patients with Colon Cancer 
8 am Lerner Tower B-151

Breast Cancer Retreat
9 am - 1 pm Dively Bldg 214

Department of Immunology Faculty Research in Progress Seminar
Wink Baldwin, MD, PhD
Staff, Immunology
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Transplant Rejection: Immune Responses Involving Big Versus Small Vessels in Organ Transplant
12 pm NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

Molecular Cardiology Faculty Seminar Series
Khalid Sossey-Alaoui, PhD
Project Staff, Molecular Cardiology
Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Making WAVES as a Mechanism for How MicroRNAs Control EMT and Cancer Metastasis
3 pm NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

NCRM Seminar
Stan Gerson, MD
Director, NCRM
Director, Case CCC
Director, Seidman Cancer Center
Professor, Medicine-Hem/Onc
Topic: NCRM in 2011, the Best Science, Collaborations and New Initiatives
4:30 pm Cleveland Clinic NA1-139

February 10

NCRM Lunch and Learn
Yukang Zhao
Senior Manager, New Product Initiatives
Topic: Nanofiber Based Ex Vivo Expansion of HSC for Pre-Clinical and Clinical Application
12-1:30 pm WRB 2-136

Neurosciences Seminar
Paul Tesar, PhD
Assistant Professor, Genetics
Topic: Directing the Oligodendrocyte Lineage
12:10 pm BRB 105

Cell Death Regulation Program Meeting
Brain Rubin, MD PhD
Clark Distelhorst, MD
Nancy Oleinick, PhD
Topic: Autophagy
4-6 pm WRB 3-136

February 11

Hematology/Oncology Fellows
Jennifer Eads, MD
Fellow, Div. of Hem/Onc
Topic: TBD
8 am Wearn 137

Taussig Cancer Institute Grand Rounds
Vincent Tuohy, PhD
Professor, Molecular Medicine
Staff, Immunology
CWRU/Cleveland Clinic
Topic: Development of a Prophylactic Breast Cancer Vaccine
8 am R3/002-003 Cleveland Clinic

Cell Biology Seminar Series
John M.L. Ebos, PhD
Topic: Disease Progression after Antiangiogenic Therapy: Implications for Metastasis
10 am NC1-202 Cleveland Clinic

Cancer Center Seminar Series
Agata Exner, PhD
Associate Professor, Radiology and Biomedical Engineering
Topic: Image Guided Drug Delivery in Cancer Therapy
12 pm BRB 105

Department of Neurosciences Special Seminar
James Fawcett, PhD
Professor, Neuroscience
Cambridge University Centre for Brain Repair
Topic: Targeting the Extracellular Matrix to Promote Regeneration and Plasticity
12 pm SOM E501
**please note location change

Cancer Center Research in Progress Seminar
John Pink, PhD
Assistant Professor, General Medical Sciences (Oncology)
Topic: The Search for Biomarkers and Mediators of Estrogen Independence in Breast Cancer
4 pm WRB 3-136

Case CCC Calendar

LRI Calendar


Breast Cancer Detection and Management: Issues for 2011
May 20
Hilton Cleveland East
Details to follow


Active Living Research Annual Conference
February 22-24
San Diego, CA

14th Annual Meeting of the Translational Research Cancer Centers Consortium 2011
February 24-26
Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Seven Springs, PA

Multilevel Interventions in Health Care: Building the Foundation for Future Research Goals
March 4-5
Las Vegas, Nevada

4th Annual Biospecimen Research Network (BRN) Symposium: Advancing Cancer Research Through Biospecimen Science
March 28-29
Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Bethesda, Maryland

Fourth Annual Translational to Clinical (T2C) Wound Care Conference
April 8-9
Ohio Union, Ohio State University, Columbus

2011 Clinical and Translational Research and Education Meeting: ACRT/SCTS Joint Annual Meeting
April 27-29
Omni Shoreham in Washington, DC
Abstract Deadline: December 16

Cincinnati Cancer Symposium Series: 2011 Symposium on NF-κB, Cancer, Obesity, and Inflammation
May 1-4
Westin Hotel Cincinnati

4th International Symposium on Cancer Metastasis and the Lymphovascular System
May 12-14
New York City
Abstract Submission Deadline: March 15

International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) Annual Meeting
June 15-18
Toronto, Canada

Cancer Health Disparities Summit 2011
July 13-15
Bethesda North Marriott Hotel in Rockville, Maryland

8th International Conference of the Society for Integrative Oncology
November 10-12
InterContinental Hotel Cleveland


2011 Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research
Deadline: February 15

Leukemia Research Foundation
Deadline: February 15

ACS Cancer Research Fellowship
Deadline: February 16

CTSC Translational Research through Community-Academic Partnerships and Community Research
Mandatory LOI: February 17
Full Application Deadline: April 4

Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF)-Honorable A. David Mazzone Special Challenge Award Research Program
Deadline: February 24

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Translational Research Program
Mandatory LOI Deadline: March 1
Full Application Deadline: March 15

Cancer Research Institute Investigator Award
Deadline: March 1

Lustgarten Foundation Spring 2011: Translational Research Innovator Awards
Concept Proposal Deadline: March 14
Full Application Deadline: May 2

James S. McDonnell Foundation 21st Century Science Research Awards
Deadline: March 15

National CENter for ReGenerAtive Medicine UnderGraduate StudEnt (ENGAGE) Summer Program
Deadline: March 31

Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Research Program
Cycle 2 LOI Deadline: May 6
Cycle 2 Full Proposal Deadline: July 5

Lustgarten Foundation Fall 2011: Basic Research Innovator Awards
Concept Proposal Deadline: September 14
Full Application Deadline: October 31

Translational Technology Concept Studies of Circulating Tumor and Endothelial Cells (CTC/CEC)
Deadline: Open

AACR Scholar-in-Training Awards - Other Conferences and Meetings
Deadline: Open

International Union Against Cancer (UICC) International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowships
Application Deadline: Open

NCI Short-Term Scientist Exchange Program
Application Deadline: Open

James S. McDonnell Foundation Collaborative Activity Awards
Application Deadline: Open

NIH BULLETIN – Notices and Funding Opportunities

Delays in Grant Application Submission due to Widespread Blizzard (NOT-OD-11-040)

Notice of Availability of Administrative Supplements for U.S. - China Biomedical Collaborative Research on Cancer, Allergy, Immunology, and Infectious Diseases including HIV/AIDS and its Co-morbidities (NOT-CA-11-003)

Notice of Correction of Expiration Dates for PAR-09-224 Improving Diet and Physical Activity Assessment (R01) and PAR-09-225 Improving Diet and Physical Activity Assessment (R21) (NOT-CA-11-006)

SBIR Phase IIB Bridge Awards to Accelerate the Development of Cancer Therapeutics, Imaging Technologies, Interventional Devices, Diagnostics, and Prognostics Toward Commercialization (R44) (RFA-CA-11-002)

Lasker Clinical Research Scholars Program (SI2) (RFA-OD-11-001)

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