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August 19, 2016

Update on the Moonshot solicitation

In only 10 days after the Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI) sent a request for Moonshot development project proposals to all of the cancer centers, the AACI received 128 proposals, including 8 from our Center, from 36 of the 62 NCI-designated cancer centers, and an additional 33 that are members of AACI. Thank you to all who submitted on such short notice! 

As noted below, there is another deadline of August 29. Please email to request the proposal form.

I reviewed all of the proposals and will only indicate that they certainly covered the entire space of cancer research and types of proposals, from basic to discovery to genomics and drug development to clinical trials and prevention.

In submitting all the proposals to the Office of the Vice President (OVP) Moonshot program, I indicated that this spread of proposals opened the possibility of presenting to many funding entities: foundations, philanthropy, disease-based organizations, and investment trusts.

We will see what follows and how they are received.

My impression is that interest will be funneled directly back to investigators unless an organized review is forthcoming.

So, as always with the government, keep the faith!


The following message is sent on behalf of George Weiner, MD, President, AACI; Stan Gerson, MD, President-Elect, AACI; and Barbara Duffy Stewart, MPH, Executive Director, AACI
Good afternoon,
Thank you for submitting a development project proposal for the Cancer Moonshot initiative.
We are submitting to the Office of the Vice President (OVP) the 128 proposals received from 36 AACI cancer centers.  The proposals range greatly in topic and approach so there will be plenty for the Moonshot team to distribute to potential funders.
We cannot even vaguely guarantee that the proposals will be funded nor are we aware of a uniform review process.  Rather, our understanding is that the Moonshot team has assembled investors and foundations interested in reviewing proposals.  We believe that after these are distributed, interested parties will contact the primary contact and/or submitter listed on the proposal directly.
AACI will continue to accept proposals through August 29, which will be shared with the Moonshot team after August 30, so if there remains interest at your cancer center, please take advantage of that deadline as well.  For additional proposals, please note that we strongly recommend that each proposal be limited to one page.  Some projects may require a longer description, but this is meant to be a glimpse at a development project that might ultimately spark the interest of a potential funder.  Please note that potential investors (and OVP staff) will focus on the scope of the proposal, the approach, the impact, implementation strategy, and the financial need.  You may email additional proposals to
Thank you for supporting the Moonshot and the AACI by your overwhelming response.
Best regards,
George Weiner, AACI President
Stan Gerson, AACI President-Elect
Barbara Duffy Stewart, AACI Executive Director