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October 29, 2015

Funds Raised through Velosano to Support Case CCC Pilot Projects

I am excited to announce that funds raised through VeloSano Bike to Cure 2015 have been made available to the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center to support pilot projects.  Our participation in this event means that we are able to issue an RFA and award up to five pilots of $50,000 each.  Detailed instructions for application format and due dates are available on our website.  

Thank you once again to everyone who participated in Velosano this year. We are already looking forward to the 2016 ride.

New York Times: The 100 Day Project

At Sunday's opening session of the American Association of Cancer Institutes (AACI), Suleika Jaouad presented a discussion of her experience as summarized in the New York Times article, Life, Interrupted: The 100 Day Project, which I wish all of you would take the time to read. 

As a summary of her journey through the young adult diagnosis of MDS leading to AML and treatment through a stem cell transplant, she relayed her stumbling blocks, which remind us why we do research, clinical care, survivorship, and prevention. 

Some topics of note include:

  • How alone Suleika was during many parts of her treatment.
  • The concept of a clinical trial was very foreign to her.
  • Suleika tried to understand the biology of her diagnosed and the biological effect of her treatment, including treatment effects, infertility, sexuality issues, and long term follow-up and survivorship. 
  • Patient and financial navigators were very important, as was the role of social workers, and having a physician whom she could count on.
  • A support group was also very important. 
  • Finally, Suleika came to express her gratitude for the science and clinical research that led her to do well and to anticipate and help manage her late effects.

Her discussion should remind us how important our mission is: To apply scientific discoveries in human cancers to improve lives through cancer prevention, detection, treatment, cure, and survivorship.