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July 28, 2015

Lowy Visit to Seidman Cancer Center and Interview with ideastream

In May, Dr. Douglas Lowy, Acting Director of the National Cancer Institute, was awarded the second annual Harrington Prize for Innovation in Medicine for his work in developing the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, as well as other types of cancers. 

Harrington_LowyandGersonDuring his short time in town Dr. Lowy was quite busy. He toured Seidman Cancer Center and learned about the about the outstanding research we are working on here in Cleveland. At breakfast Dr. Lowy and I had a chance to review the time he spent with eight of our members the prior day. He was quite specific and engaged about what he had learned about the Case CCC. He had some great ideas about furthering the research programs he had heard about, and was very complimentary about our cancer center. As I have noted, he reinforced the value of basic discovery research, although he certainly values efforts regarding application of these discoveries towards the problem of cancer.

Dr. Lowy also sat down with ideastream's Kay Colby for a Q&A on the HPV vaccine, his new role at the NCI, and the future direction of cancer research. It is no surprise that common threads throughout the interview included cancer disparities, funding, and the importance of translational research and precision medicine.

I encourage you to watch the interview in its entirety; it is broken into three shorter videos: A Conversation with the Leader of the National Cancer Institute