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December 1, 2014


#Giving TuesdayatCWRU on December 2

This message was sent last Tuesday prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. However, because it is so important, I wanted to include it again to make sure everyone knew about #GivingTuesdayatCWRU.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 2, is recognized as #GivingTuesday, a movement to create a national day of giving to kick-off the giving season.

To coincide with this, CWRU has an annual fundraising event called #GivingTuesdayatCWRU, and this year the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center is one of the beneficiaries!!

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage every member of the Case CCC community to participate in #GivingTuesdayatCWRU. The process is simple: to donate, simply visit

What a perfect example of using the social network to connect about funding cancer research! With close to 400 Case CCC members, plus our trainees, newsletter recipients, friends and contacts, we could make a real showing! And, I am told that the funds will come directly to the Cancer Center. While we will plan to use these funds for special small projects, I will prioritize small grants to trainees on a competitive basis.

You might help by spreading the word and forwarding this note to your network of family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and the community and encourage them to donate. Talk about the important work you do. Be creative and be impactful.

If you just want to forward this note, I will remind you how important your work is: You discover the genes that cause cancer, identify targets for new drugs, test concepts for new treatments, and develop model systems that can be used to test your latest hypothesis.

Remember: #GivingTuesdayatCWRU. To donate, visit: Please spread the word!

CWRU and Case CCC to join VeloSano

The Case CCC, by invitation from Dr. Brian Bolwell, Associate Director for Taussig Cancer Institute in the Case CCC and Chair of Taussig Cancer Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, will be an active partner in the 2015 VeloSano event. Last year, VeloSano raised nearly $2 million for cancer research at Cleveland Clinic. In being asked to participate, Cancer Center members and their trainees and staff have a unique opportunity to participate in this cancer research fundraising event. Nationally, bike rides have become almost viral in their ability to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

Our first task is to organize a volunteer working group to help with our Cancer Center involvement and links to the VeloSano organization. Later this winter, we intend to expand to engage the university community and beyond. The proceeds from next year's event will be expanded to include peer-reviewed research proposals from Case CCC members based at UH and CWRU. Participants can ride, raise funds, volunteer time, organize and participate in rest stop activities, and help with logistics.

We would like faculty, trainees and staff interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity to attend an exploratory meeting to discuss our involvement and to serve as the Case CCC planning committee for this event. Please contact Jason Gray at or 216.368.4420 for more information. We encourage faculty, staff and students to participate.

ASH Annual Meeting: Revised list of presentations

As a reminder, the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting will be held December 6-9 in San Francisco.

Last week we ran a list of Case CCC members who will be participating, presenting, and leading sessions. An oral presentation by Dr. Lan Zhou on Loss of Notch Receptor-Ligand Engagement Leads to Increased Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cell Egress and Mobilization was accidentally omitted. Dr. Zhou will be presenting on Monday, December 8 at 5:15 pm. Please see the revised list for details.

AACR Annual Meeting 2015: Call for Clinical Trials Abstracts

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting will be held April 18-22, 2015 in Philadelphia. AACR is encouraging attendees to submit clinical trials for presentation at this meeting to facilitate the continued growth of the invaluable clinical content of this meeting. There will be at least 38 opportunities for the oral presentation of clinical trials at the Annual Meeting, including the presentation in the Opening Plenary Session of an outstanding clinical trial that holds promise for changing clinical practice and approaches. They will also offer four marquee Clinical Trials Symposia which will feature tandem presentations of the trial data and the science informing the trial. Please keep in mind that there are also many poster sessions, including one focusing on highly informative "Trials in Progress."

The deadline to submit clinical trial abstracts is this Wednesday, December 3. Late-breaking and placeholder abstracts should be submitted by Tuesday, January 27, 2015. Instructions are on the Annual Meeting website. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.